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Don’t be Fooled: 15 Foods That Aren’t as Bad as You Think

With just about a new diet coming out every week and fantastic claims of weight loss by celebrities, how can the average person keep up? Very few people can afford private chefs and personal trainers to stay in shape. In fact, most of us get our food from the grocery store, and unfortunately, the local drive thru restaurant. However, this doesn’t doom the average person to a large waist size.

Below, we have listed 15 foods that aren’t as bad as you think. They include options from the super market, fast food chains, and include many items you may already know and love. Especially a good choice for those looking to cut down on calories while building on protein and fiber.

Fast Foods That Aren’t as Bad as You Think

Make the most out of your next drive-thru visit by checking out these healthier options.

    1. In and Out Burger Although closing your eyes and pointing to a random item on this fast food menu is likely to bring you a calorie killer, they do offer the Protein Style hamburger. With no buns or onions, it is low in calories, fat, and carbs. The Daily Beast also features many other healthy choices in hamburgers.

    2. KFC Sides With loads of other places simply offering French fries, Kentucky Fried Chicken has many choices that fare better. The corn, green beans, baked beans, potato wedges, and seasoned rice all contain no trans-fat. Even a side of mashed potatoes with gravy has 120 calories and one gram of saturated fat.


    3. McDonald’s Chicken Grill

    Getting this sandwich at the Golden Arches without mayo can be a surprisingly healthy choice. It has 26 grams of protein and only 340 calories. Visit this Bag a Meal option to create your own low calorie meal before visiting.

    4. Fresco Soft Taco If you haven’t heard about the Taco Bell Drive Thru Diet, click here. There are seven menu items that are all low calorie and high nutrient. Among them are this taco with 190 calories, four grams of fiber, and eight grams of protein.

    5. Wendy’s Mandarin Chicken Salad Although fast foods and salads don’t usually go together, Wendy’s has managed to change that with this selection. Less than 400 calories, it has 29 grams of protein and four grams of fiber. WebMD also lists some of the best and worst choice in fast food salads.

    6. Chick-fil-a Chargrill This grilled chicken sandwich is a popular choice. It has less than 300 calories, which is tops for anyone looking to slim down their waste. There are also low fat condiments, fruits available as sides, and many other options for dieters.

    7. LJS Grilled Tilapia Platter With meals from the Freshside Grill menu at Long John Silver’s coming in at under 350 calories, they can make a great choice. High in protein and low in fat, they also come with a vegetable medley and rice.

    8. Subway Veggie De-Lite Subway is the choice of many seeking fast food and low calories. With seven options of sandwiches coming in at under six grams of fat, the veggie choice includes seven grams of protein. Wendy Bumgardner of also lists many other healthy choices in fast food.

Market Foods That Aren’t as Bad as You Think

Next time you do your grocery shopping, have a second look at these foods.

    9. Chocolate Chip Cookies Although many brands can single handedly bust a diet, the folks at South Beach Diet have made a decent kind of cookie here. The Oatmeal Chocolate Chip kind have 100 calories per serving and are low in sugar. They even got a B rating from Calorie Count.

    10. Candy Bars Before you go right to the checkout line to pick them out, these candy bars are the kind made by Fiber One. With many flavors, including chocolate and peanut butter, they can contain up to 35 percent of your daily fiber intake. There are also many other offerings in areas such as yogurts and muffins.

    11. Chocolate Milk When chosen poorly, everyone’s favorite beverage can be packed with fat, sugar, and calories. But when chosen correctly, it is actually a great tool for post workout recovery. The bloggers at 3 Fat Chicks recommend the organic variety that is low in calories but high in taste.

    source :

    12. Pasta Often a choice of what not to eat, many dieters think that pasta is one of those items that just has to go. Not if you choose Ronzoni Healthy Harvest Whole Wheat Blend Spaghetti. It has only 180 calories, seven grams of protein, and six grams of fiber. It even lacks the gritty texture and poor flavor that healthy pastas can come with.

    13. Ice Cream You can literally scream for ice cream when choosing one of the many offerings from Skinny Cow. One of the best is the chocolate truffle bars, which have only 100 calories, twelve grams of sugar, and two grams of fat. They also work with those doing the Weight Watchers point system.

    14. Corazonas Everyone knows you can’t eat just one chip, so they often don’t buy them. But that is all to be rethought when considering this brand of potato chip. It is one of the first to be made with sterol, an ingredient that can fight cholesterol, and are also heart healthy.

    15. The Dessert Diet As people get older, their diet becomes more restricted. However, as reported on by “The New York Times,” seniors are enjoying a wide variety of foods, including desserts. Eating them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, many seniors simply expressed a desire to eat what they wanted.

And the above 15 foods that aren’t as bad as you think are just the beginning. Simply by doing a little label reading or web searching you can get the calorie count and nutrition information for many foods.

Top 25 Blogs for Gluten Free Living

It used to be a struggle for those living with Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, but with modern information and awareness, it no longer has to be a burden to bear. We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 blogs that offer the tastiest recipes, best information and most helpful product reviews. With the help of these sites, you’ll never have to feel deprived of any of your favorite foods. Learn to travel and dine out with ease, and how to prepare all the foods you love.

1. Gluten-Free Goddess

source :

Karina Allrich, wife, mother, writer, editor and painter–living a gluten-free life in West Hollywood. After writing a vegetarian cookbook, she fell ill. Her symptoms resembled Celiac. Listening to her body, she gave up gluten. She now writes this blog to share gluten-free recipes and tips with her readers living the same lifestyle. Her work has been seen in Newsweek, Allergic Living and Web MD. Between editing scripts, setting up her new studio and time with her two sons, she visits farmers’ markets and imagines new recipes. From appetizers to desserts and everything in between, find great gluten-free recipes to create in your own home.

2. Elana’s Pantry

From running her first business doing environmental consulting in New York City to writing recipes in Colorado suburbia, life with her husband and two sons has taken a new shape. After her and her son were both diagnosed with Celiac disease, she needed to find a way to make her gluten-free cooking work for the entire family. Her blog is filled with amazing gluten-free recipes that are not only healthy for those living with Celiac disease but also delicious alternatives for people not on restricted diets. Her passion took her from her blog to writing The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, published by Random House in 2009 and features more than 100 gluten-free recipes.

3. Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

If you want to read a truly inspiring story of a woman who suffered a lifetime of illnesses before finally finding answers and her own inspiration, Gluten-free Girl and the Chef is a must-read blog. After years of unexplained sickness, fatigue and pain, she finally found the answer she had been searching for–she had Celiac. Overcome with joy to finally understand why her body had been failing her all these years, she turned to food. She became lost in the beauty of food–gluten free–and never looked back. Read her blog to follow her amazing story and find great recipes and recommendations to help you live a fuller, gluten-free life.

4. Simply… Gluten Free

Carol Kicinkski is a professional reciple developer, TV chef, freelance writer and cookbook author. She cooks, writes and travels–and she does it all gluten free. Her food philosophy revolves around enjoying foods that are naturally gluten-free. Since finding out that she was gluten-intolerant, she began the challenge of finding ways to re-invent her favorite foods as well as creating new recipes that are all gluten-free. Her blog’s purpose is to share, teach and inspire others living gluten-free lives. Her goal is to create recipes that are not only “good for gluten-free” but also recipes that are just plain good.

5. Gluten Free Blog

Mike Eberhart writes the Gluten Free Blog, and describes himself like most other gluten-free/Celiac persons–he wants to live a full life without feeling so restricted by dietary conditions. His blog explores ways to find replacements that are just as good or better while maintaining a safe diet. Find great products and recipes and well as information and news about Celiac disease and living gluten free.

6. Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free

Have you ever struggled with your weight? Felt out of place or uncomfortable? So has Amy Green. For years she fought this battle. Yo yo dieting, binge eating and uncontrollable cravings. Finally she realized, after many failed attempts at losing weight and controlling her eating habits, that eating a diet full of sugar and flour was what was causing the ups and downs. When she started eating sugar and gluten-free foods, she lost weight and was able to maintain her new, healthier figure. She’s been able to stop her food cravings, and she keeps her blog to encourage others to do the same. She strives to create healthier foods that are both sugar and gluten-free as well as delicious.

7. Gluten Free Gobsmacked

source :

Kate Chan spent several years of her life with extreme illnesses, exhaustion, stomach issues and what doctors thought were ulcers before a biopsy revealed that she has Celiac Sprue. She started her blog to connect with family and friends and to share recipes. She hopes that the information and recipes she shares will help someone else in a similar position like the resources she turned to helped her when she first began her gluten-free journey.

8. TriumphDining Gluten-Free Blog

Ross and Kay Cohen started TriumpDining back in 2005 to develop a system to make it easier for people living gluten free to be able to dine out at restaurants. After finding it difficult to find places where Ross could order something gluten-free, his wife had the idea to create cards to teach restaurants how to prepare food this way. After finding success using these cards, their site has since grown and is dedicated to creating guides to assist others on restricted diets when dining out and grocery shopping. Their blog is a great place to find recipes, products and up to date news about the latest in the gluten-free community.

9. Gluten Free Cooking School

This blog is written by Mary Frances. She lives with a wheat allergy, and her husband has Celiac. They keep their house entirely gluten free–while still enjoying homemade pizza every Friday night with their children. On her site, you will find her collection of gluten-free recipes that she’s collected over the past eight years. Learn to cook, live and enjoy being gluten free. This blog also hosts monthly online chats, so you can interact with Mary as well as other readers and gluten-free experts.

10. Jules Gluten Free

Jules Shepard, a Celiac patient-expert, is never one to compromise and was tired of the bland compromises that too many people suffering from Celiac had to settle for. She spent two years perfecting her patent-pending, all-purpose, gluten-free flour that she could substitute into her existing recipes. Jules travels around the country teaching cooking classes and educating people about her approach to living gluten-free. You can also buy her Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour to try out in your own kitchen.

11. The Gluten Free Blogger

Living with Celiac disease doesn’t have to be a setback to a life full of enjoyable foods. Follow Sarah’s blog as she strives to educate people about this disease. Find her product reviews, recipes and some of the best gluten-free eateries in the Southwest of England. She uses her blog to share the latest gluten-free news and to investigate issues that Celiac sufferers face on a daily basis.

12. The Gluten Free Chef

The Gluten Free Chef’s story began at a very young age. Since she was only a few months old, she battled with doctors and food and Celiac disease. Bouncing back and forth between a gluten-free and regular diet, her health and weight also fluctuated. She feels that telling her story and running her site are ways for her to share her experience with others going through the same struggle. Find great recipes and share your stories with others living gluten-free lives.

13. Cook it Allergy Free

It’s hard enough worrying about your family eating right, but when you find out that not only does your son have Celiac, but so does your husband, it throws a curveball into your plans. Follow this blog and learn about the author’s journey to becoming educated about valuable nutrional information to be able to cook healthy foods that are not only gluten-free but also taste like normal food. Find great recipes for any type of meal.

14. Baked on the Bright Side

source :

Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery wants to make the world a better place, one loaf at a time. Follow their blog for upcoming gluten-free events, stories from guest bloggers, outreach to the gluten-free community and information about Rudi’s bread and company.

15. Ginger Lemon Girl

Carrie is a gluten-free food writer, recipe creator, home baker and cook. She’s passionate about sharing and eating healthy and nourishing foods. She began creating original gluten-free recipes in 2007 after realizing that gluten was the reason for her migraines and health issues. Read her blog to follow the transition of recipes she has created over the years and learn how you can make these great foods in your own home.

16. Gluten Free For Good

Melissa McLean Jory works in Nutrition Therapy & Exercise Science, specializing in Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. She’s on a mission to increase awareness of Celiac disease and help people learn about and adapt to the gluten-free lifestyle. Her and her daughter both have Celiac, so she uses her story to educate others how to lead a healthy life while still being able to eat tasty food too!

17. The Crispy Cook

Rachel, The Crispy Cook, started her blog as an experiment in 2007 when she was interested in creating a blog for her used bookstore. Since then, her bookstore blog has lost her primary blogging focus, and she’s shifted her focus over to her kitchen passions. Her husband became a vegetarian before being diagnosed with Celiac a year later. All the recipes on her site are gluten-free, and her goal is to share through her blog their experiences and new cooking style.

18. The Spunky Coconut

Kelly V. Brozyna began studying nutrition in 2004 when her daughters were both very young and not well. Working with her doctor, they changed their diet to remove gluten, casein and sugar. After realizing how this change could resolve some of Kelly and her husband’s health issues, she began researching and experimenting. She now creates foods so similar to normal foods made with wheat, dairy and sugar that she said no one feels deprived. Now she shares their story about how their diet has helped them overcome multiple health issues and shares gluten-free recipes for others to share and create.

19. Gluten Free 363

Follow this blogger as they share their journey of their recent challenge to become gluten free. Their goal is to eat gluten free 363 days out of the year. Struggling to improve, they post entries on research, web sites, challenges, resolutions, reviews and recipes. They hope their readers activiely participate and share their recipes as well. The more information available, the more helpful it can be for others following the same diet. Also find dairy free and vegans posts and recipes as well.

20. Gluten Free Kiwi

This blog is a great place to find gluten free recipes, food, books and product reviews. Learn about gluten allergy symptoms and gluten free events. Their blog is set up well to answer questions regarding gluten free products and foods. Find great gluten free holiday gift ideas, and check out their snack of the day!

21. Gluten Free Travel Blog / GlutenFreeTravelSite

Karen Broussard struggled with the health of her young son, Ryan, until he was diagnosed with Celiac disease. A challenge for most, if not all, living a gluten-free lifestyle is maintaining the diet when dining out and travling. She started this site to give people with Celiac and others on gluten-free diets a way to learn from others’ experiences dining out and traveling around the world. It gives people a place to connect with others worldwide–readers can find personal reviews of places they’d recommend or not recommend. It gives others a good idea about where to dine when traveling. The Gluten Free Travel Blog is a blog for GlutenFreeTravelSite. Check out their main site for more great information.

22. The Gluten Free Insider

source :

Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. is North America’s premiere dedicated gluten free manufacturer. Find great information about their gluten free products as well as recipes. You’ll also find news and information about expos and conventions, as well as alternative holiday foods.

23. Book of Yum

The Book of Yum blog takes a bold international approach to gluten free living and cooking. The collaborators’ goal is to create delicious, gourmet food that would make any foodie happy, gluten-free or not. Recipes that you’ll find on this site include gluten-free, vegetarian and international. You’ll also find great information about gluten-free stores, restaurants and bakeries from their travels.

24. Gluten Free

The Gluten-free Saratoga blog is based in Saratoga Springs, New York. Suzanne Mangini focuses mainly on the availability of foods, both in grocery stores and in restaurants, in the area. She also posts upcoming announcements for support groups.

25. Gluten Free Philly

If you live in or near the Delaware Valley, this is a great blog for you. The writer of this blog has a 10-year-old son who was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the age of three. Find information about restaurants, bakeries, foods and events in the area.

The Top 39 Hair Styling Blogs that Make the Cut

Styling your own hair can be hard. If you don’t know how to work with your hair’s natural texture and constantly try to go against nature, it can be tricky to end up with hair you’re willing to leave the house with. These top hair styling blogs show you the ropes of getting an amazing look at home, whether you’re a man, woman or hopeful pageant queen.

General Hair Styling Blogs

Check out these blogs that cover various hairstyles, whether you’re looking for a new haircut that’s fuss-free or for that perfect updo for your sister’s wedding.

    1. My Style Bell This site has loads of information on styling your hair, including interviews with major hair stylists to the stars on the day of and after big awards ceremonies.


    2. Latest Hairstyles Blog Learn how to combat frizz and gals and guys can pick up grooming tips so they’re always looking fly, even when the weather is going crazy.

    3. My Hairstyling Tools Blog This site has information aimed at those studying to be hair professionals, but that means it has awesome tips for us civilians on how to keep a sleek ponytail shiny and smooth all night long.

    4. Curly Hair Styles Magazine Those with curly hair will learn to tame their tresses and try out the latest hair styles that will show off your natural curls and waves with ease.

    5. Makeup and Beauty Blog This blog covers all things beauty, but it often has tips on styling your hair, no matter what texture you’re working with. It also has tips from A-list stylists on how to achieve the looks seen on the red carpet for awards ceremonies and movie premieres.

    6. HairStyle If you’re looking for a little inspiration, consider this site to be your go-to when you want to scour tons of celebrity photos to show your stylist your idea of the perfect chignon or messy beach waves.

    7. Hair Products Pro Blog This site reviews high end hair products. If you’re the one who spends a pretty penny on hair tools and products, it’s a must-read to find out what’s worth spending your cash on. It also showcases the hair trends you can look forward to.

    8. Smarter Fashion and Beauty Blog We love this beauty blog because it’s written by real women who show you how to make the most out of what you already have. Expect hair styling tips that are easy-to-follow and require minimal skill.

    9. Leslie Fair This professional hair stylist and makeup artist helps brides get done up for weddings in Hawaii and shares her expert tips for getting your hair in tip-top condition before the big day.

    10. Total Beauty This site is packed with hair styling tips for any occasion. For those who want something simple, there are tips on getting a chic ponytail that takes minutes and for those who want to go glam, learn how to use a clampless curling iron for full waves.

    11. Short Hair Style Blog If you have short hair and want to make the most of it, this is the site for you. It has tips on coloring short hair so it has a lively look and how to keep split ends at bay.

    12. Bobby Pin Blog This professional shares the latest hair trends and what you should be doing to your hair to keep it in great shape each season. She also showcases plenty of vintage hair images for those who love hair styles from the past.

    13. Modern Salon This site has the latest and greatest hairstyles, plus tips on how to get them on your own, at home. From blunt bangs to super wavy hair that rivals Carrie Bradshaw, this is the hair style blog for those who love to be on the cusp of trends.

    14. The Hairstyler If you aren’t the super adventurous type, this blog has the basics of hair styling, such as smart styles for the office and easy updos for a special occasion.

    15. Hairdresser on Fire You’ll want more and more of this hair styling blog penned by a pro who shows you simple ways to achieve red carpet looks. Best of all, she focuses on hair styles for everyone, even kids.

African American Natural Hair Styling Blogs

If you want to learn to go natural and keep your hair in stellar shape while transitioning, these blogs can help you get there.


    16. Glamazini Follow this hair blogger as she works with her natural hair on a daily basis. It has been a long process for her, so she has tons of tips for those who are just taking the plunge.


    17. My Natural Styles If you’re making the transition to natural hair, you better know how to style it to keep yourself from going back to relaxers. This blog shows you how.

    18. Black Girl Long Hair This blog is fantastic for those going natural because it shows real women in the transition stages. It also talks about nighttime regimens when caring for natural hair.

    19. Naturally Leslie This blogger shares her tips about going natural and how to style it for special events like a wedding.

    20. Curly Nikki This blog is all about styling your hair after it’s grown out naturally. Reduce frizz and learn how to embrace the curl in your hair with tips from this site.

    21. Newly Natural This blog has hair product reviews and hair styles from real women with natural hair. Learn how to style your hair and have fun with the natural texture.

    22. Nappturality If you’re looking for tips on how to start the journey to natural hair, this is your site. It talks about easing your hair through the change so you don’t end up with unmanageable hair and also has a forum for members to share stories and tips.

    23. Kinnks Instead of fighting your hair’s natural wave, embrace it with tips from this natural hair blog.

    24. Mop Top Maven This blogger has been natural for quite some time and interviews other bloggers and women with natural hair for additional tips to share with readers.

    25. Natural Chica Check out this natural hair blog for contests, product reviews and advice on taking care of your natural hair. The blogger interviews women that offer tips on what products to use, including DIY concoctions you can whip up in your own kitchen.

    26. Curls Coils and Kinks At this site you’ll find tips on working with your hair’s curl and taming it without damaging it. This site is also loaded with product reviews and natural hair events going on throughout the United States.

    27. K is for Kinky This blog is a mix of fashion, beauty and natural hair care tips. It has awesome ideas for accessorizing to maximize your natural hair and fun hair styles that take just a few minutes.

    28. ajwitaFro This natural hair blog is all about rocking an afro with pride. Learn how to make your hair bouncy and wavy with the use of gentle products that work with your hair’s texture.

    29. It’s Just Hair This is a fantastic natural hair blog written by a woman who isn’t afraid to experiment with fun hairstyles and share her tricks of the trade.

African American Hair Styling Blogs

If you’re using a relaxer or wearing extensions, these blogs will show you how to take proper care of your hair to avoid a major meltdown.

    30. Thirsty Roots From coloring your hair to cutting extensions at home, this site is all about African American hair styling and hair care.


    31. Grow Black Hair Get tips on how to grow your hair out, what natural products to use on it and how to wash it so hair stays moisturized and full.

    32. BV Hair Talk This blog covers African American celebrities and their ‘dos, including President Obama.

    33. Black Hair Planet Get hairstyle ideas for natural and relaxed hair at this site, plus learn about the latest and greatest products on the market for African American hair.

    34. The American Parlor Learn how to take care of your hair, whether it’s natural or relaxed and get tips on hairstyles that are trendy and easy to wear for a party or special event.

    35. Black Hair Media Talk Cafe If you’re looking for tips from other women on how to wear your hair for an upcoming event or need simple hair styles you can wear daily, check out this active forum.

    36. Bruno’s Blog This hair stylist showcases African American celebrity hair styles and how to get the look without going to the salon.

    37. Become Gorgeous This is a beauty blog with tons of hair care and hair styling tips for African American men and women, plus tips on how to tame your kid’s hair without using harsh chemicals.

    38. The Hairstyler This is a general hair styling blog, but it has tons of information over selecting the right weave and dying African American hair.

    39. Long Hair Care Forum At this site members chat about growing their hair and share hair style tips through photos and step-by-step videos posted on the messageboard.

Styling your hair is far easier when you’re realistic about what you’re working with. While it isn’t impossible for fine, limp hair to have some curl, it may not be something you have the time or energy to pull on your own. Look to these top hair styling blogs for tips on how to manage your hair and make it look fabulous, without eating up hours.

Removing the Mystery: Top 49 Blogs About Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson’s Disease, or PD, is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that impairs motor skills, cognitive processes, and other functions. Although it is usually found in patients over 60, younger people are being diagnosed with it on a more frequent basis. According to The National Institutes of Health, at least 500,000 people in the United States have Parkinson’s Disease, with another 50,000 expected to be diagnosed each year.

Even though there are thousands with it, those who have been newly diagnosed or suffering for years with PD can feel alone. Chances are if you are reading this, you have internet access. Get its best use by checking out the below top 50 blogs about Parkinson’s Disease. They are written by patients, doctors, and even organizations entirely dedicated to it.

Top News Blogs About Parkinson’s Disease

Get the latest news about Parkinson’s Disease in these blogs.

    1. The Michael J. Fox Foundation The actor made headlines when he revealed that he had Parkinson’s Disease. With a foundation in his name, they have loads of items on Parkinson’s in the news. There are also press releases, event information, multimedia, and more on the actor.

2. Medical News Today This leading medical site stays on top with loads of headlines in healthcare. With a special section for Parkinson’s, they include news, features, and expert opinions. The main site also has loads more.

3. PD News and Articles Click here for the official news feed from the American Parkinson Disease Association Inc. Updates, research, efforts, and other topics are discussed. Patients and families with Parkinson’s can also find items.

4. PD Online Research Want to get the latest news items on just the research? Then visit here for the latest studies and findings. There are also discussions, research tools, clinical trial information, and much more.

5. The Parkinson Alliance They promise that 100 percent of all individual donations go directly to Parkinson’s research. Visit to get their latest news updates. You can also sign up to receive their newsletter, “The Catalyst.”

6. Parkinson’s Research News Science Daily is a site where many experts visit to read the latest scientific headlines. They have a special section for Parkinson’s disease with stories and videos. You can also find loads of other related news items.

7. Parkinson’s Disease Health Center Stop here to get the official updates on Parkinson’s from WebMD. They have a disease overview, as well as the latest headlines. You can also get references for items such as symptoms, medications, and questions to ask your doctor.

8. Parkinson’s UK Get news on Parkinson’s Disease from the United Kingdom here. In addition to the news feed, they also have resources for local patients. You can also learn more through their publications.

Top Group Blogs About Parkinson’s Disease

These groups gather together to blog on Parkinson’s disease.

    9. Parkinson ‘s Action Network The goal of the PAN is to unite others in search of a cure. Visit to get the latest headlines and news items in the media. There are also options on finding your own voice.

10. On the Blog Visit here for the official blog from the National Parkinson Foundation. Each month, they feature a new column by NPF’s National Medical Director, Dr. Michael Okun. It is usually on the latest developments in Parkinson’s disease research.

11. APDA National Young Onset Center The National Young Onset Center focuses on younger patients with Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Paul Short authors the blog on this different perspective. There is also a place to share your story and resources on how they can help.

12. Wobbly Williams Get a group of PD bloggers by visiting here. There are many to choose from, and they even offer tips for the newly diagnosed. You can even join their network of Try-Athletes.

13. Off and On: The Alaska Parkinson’s Rag Written by Peter Dunlap-Shohl, this blog was initially intended to be an information clearinghouse for the Anchorage Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, but now also serves as his therapeutic hobby. Here you can find information, schedules and agendas, and Peter invites you to join the community for discussion and a little therapy of your own.

14. Recently Diagnosed With PD Those who have been recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease will enjoy the blog. The bloggers include entries on treatments from COQ10 to exercise. A recent entry was on denial.

15. Parkinson’s Blog Network These group blogs are part of the Health Blog Network. Many different blogs are gathered here in one convenient spot. They also feature “Must See Blogging.”

Top Blogs About Parkinson’s Disease by a Patient

These PD patients give first-hand accounts of the disease through their blogs.

    16. Parkinson’s Journey Both Sherri and Judy were diagnosed with Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease before the age of 40 and met through an online support group for PD. Through the blog, they both offer their wisdom and experience on the issue. They even include day by day accounts of their routine.

17. Shake, Rattle and Roll Katie Kelsall is a 60 year old “shaky accordionist.” She was diagnosed 14 years ago and has been blogging about it for a while. Thoughts, tips, and more are all shared.

18. Bibmomma’s Blog Parkie is from Texas where she has Parkinson’s and is a mom, librarian, photographer, and cook. Her blog gives reflections of an early onset Parkinson’s patient. Doctor’s visits, advances, and an insider’s thoughts are all reasons to visit.

19. Bobology Bobciz is from Wisconsin and has Parkinson’s disease. He is also a retiree with time to muse, meditate, and itch. A standout choice for discussing things like the difficulty of typing and why he switched doctors. 20. Positively Parkinson’s Bob Kuhn was diagnosed in 2006 at the age of 53. He is still a practicing lawyer in the Vancouver region of Canada. His blog focuses on challenges and encouragement.

21. Coffee With Pokie Get poetry by Parkinson’s patients, from a Parkinson’s patient on this blog. The blog also has updates with things that interest the blogger, as well as links of interest. She has been living with it for 20 years and has loads to say.

22. Parkinson’s Focus Today Visit here to get a PD journey of discovery, progress, and stops along the way. Mags also offers information on studies and announcements. A recent entry was on an expert briefing on Parkinson’s.

23. What’s Shakin? Jon started the blog as a way to chronicle and share his experiences with Parkinson’s Disease. Labels include everything from the Bible to vices. One of the latest posts was on hope.

24. Walking my Path With Parkinson’s Marian considers herself a lucky lady. She has a son, a husband of 25 years, and a loving family. Diagnosed in 2006, she is learning to deal with it and shares how. Current topics include medications and a documentary on PD.

Top Blogs About Movement Disease

Learn more about Parkinson’s disease by reading these blogs about other similar diseases.

    25. Day by Day With a Movement Disorder In 2006, she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and peripheral neuropathy. However, a year later the diagnosis turned into Essential Myoclonus. In the blog, she shares her journey, which include medications, daily life, family, and more.

26. Metamorphis of Btrflynana She has been diagnosed with many different diseases from Fribromyalgia, OPCA, Myastinia Gravis, Parkinson’s Disease, and Multiple Systems Atrophy. However the one that got it right was Lyme disease. Learn more with a read of the blog.

27. Deep Brain Stimulation DBS is often a treatment for Parkinson’s patients. Get a first-hand account of it by stopping here. What happens before, during, and after treatments is also shared.

28. Studio Foxhoven Get a humorous look at one person’s journey with Parkinson’s and Dystonia here. Terri spent 18 years teaching kindergarten and loves broomcorn. In addition to items on Parkinson’s, she also writes about education, crafts, photography, and more.

29. Broken Clay Katja is from Colorado where she is a computer programmer. She is also an advocate for people with disability. Her blog tagline is “the art of intermittent disability.”

30. Wheelie Catholic Ruth writes a blog where issues concerning people with disabilities intersect with life. She also encourages prayerful efforts toward social justice and inclusion. She recently took a look at a hands free keyboard.

31. At Risk for Huntington’s Disease Huntington’s is very similar to Parkinson’s Disease. However, this disease is genetically transferred, and children of parents with Huntington’s suffer a 50 percent chance of developing it. Gene writes about what it is like to live at risk.

32. A Survivor’s Guide to Huntington’s Disease In 2006, Angela tested positive for the gene that carries Huntington’s Disease. She now uses the blog to record the fight against the disease and the hope to start a family. It is also a means of support and sharing.

33. Living With Alzheimer’s This blog is for those who suffer from AD, FTD, and forms of dementia. Joseph was diagnosed in 2004 with the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Seven years later and he is still blogging strong.

34. Parkinsonism – Road to Diagnosis This is the story of the writer’s long struggle to find a correct diagnosis. The purpose is to help others who are struggling by providing tips on how to effectively deal with the medical community. Although posts stopped in 2008, they are still worth a look.

Top Blogs About Parkinson’s Disease by an Expert

These experts deal with Parkinson’s on a professional basis.

    35. About Parkinson’s Disease Dr. Robert Rodgers had a mother who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. He believes she died from a stroke which was caused by all the medications she was taking. In his blog, he writes about natural and healthy treatments for Parkinson’s.

36. Parkinson’s…A New World Haroon is from Pakistan. He is a former Citibanker CEO and Ombudsman for Banking Services. He is now the Chairman of the Pakistan Parkinson’s Society. Get the latest updates with a read.

37. The Journal of Neuroscience Get the latest updates on Parkinson’s and related research here. You can check out many articles online. Be sure to visit Collected Papers with more on many topics.

38. Living With a Brain Disorder Brain Blogger is a leading neurology site. They feature loads of topics from multidimensional biopsychosocial perspectives. This particular blog focuses on brain disorders, and there are many others to choose from.

39. Moving Forward Several doctors blog here as part of the Medical College of Wisconsin. Updates, tips, and much more are all shared. Be sure not to miss the Parkinson’s Ride Walk with more.

40. The Spitoon Because Parkinson’s is suspected to be a genetic disorder, there is this blog. Many patients have visited to learn more about genetic testing. The blog also stands out for teaching about the DNA sequence.

41. Renegade Neurologist Visit here for a blog of professional neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter. He has a special section on improving patient outcomes with functional medicine. There are also entries especially for Parkinson’s Disease and other related items.

Top Specialty Blogs About Parkinson’s Disease

These PD blogs fall into their own categories.

    42. Life With Shaky Mary Sullivan shares her sometimes funny, sometimes sad journey of her husband with Parkinson’s disease and their life together. A good choice for those who have a loved one with the disease. Be sure not to miss the “Shaken” documentary while you’re there.

43. Day to Day With Parkinson’s Disease Stop here for another blog of a wife with a husband with Parkinson’s disease. He was diagnosed in 1994 with early onset and she continues to blog to this day. One of her latest posts was on frustration.

44. On Being a Christian With Parkinson’s Disease Anna shares how a Christian faces life with the disease. Bible passages and prayers are often featured. You can also get updates on her daily life.

45. The Carl Hernz Show He features Parkinson’s related humor on the site. Images, videos, and more are shared. You can also catch shows made himself.

46. Voice Aerobics Because many Parkinson’s patients can lose their voices, there is this blog. It is full of tips for how to keep and maintain a voice. There is also an FAQ, shop, and articles.

47. Yes We Can Dance Bob Dawson wrote this to show other Parkinson’s patients of what they can do. Over thirty chapters cover topics such as the need to dance, research, the Tango, and more.

48. Move to Live Learn how to beat Parkinson’s through movement here. The blog is dedicated to people with all kinds of motility challenges, including PD. A bike ride was the topic of a recent post.

49. Firefighters With Parkinson’s This group is made up of firefighters with Parkinson’s, firefighters who want to join for a cure, and those who support them. There are tips with living with Parkinson’s, along with news. One of the most recent posts was on poisons in the environment.

Although there is loads of help on the above top 49 blogs about Parkinson’s Disease, please consult a physician before following any of the advice, such as changing medications. To read an expert guide on the disease, click here. It is authored by the Mayo Clinic and has sections for symptoms, causes, treatments, and even alternative medicine.

Who Needs Wheat Anyways? The Top 50 Celiac Blogs

Celiac disease, also known as Celiac sprue or Coeliac disease, is an autoimmune disorder of the digestive system. Suspected to be in one out of every 133 Americans, this disease is basically an allergy to wheat. With wheat found in every product from bread to desserts, a diagnosis of Celiac disease can leave the patient confused and in for a huge lifestyle change.

Although Celiac disease can run in families, many who are diagnosed can have no family or friends to turn to after a diagnosis. However, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of sites and blogs to be found on the internet. Many of these are written by people who have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, have a family member who is, or are just experts in the area. To help those who are newly diagnosed or have years of experience, we have collected the top 50 Celiac blogs below.

Top Celiac Blogs by a Celiac

Read about Celiac disease from those who have had it in these blogs.

    1. Celiac Chicks Kelly Courson has been sharing her gluten free story since 2003 on her blog. For 14 years, she has been a Celiac and has loads of tips to share. New finds, old hints, recipes, products, and much more are all shared.

2. About Celiac Since late 2003, Jane has been coping with celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. A professional medical writer, she now helps other celiac disease patients learn how to eat gluten-free and get healthy. Must reads on her blog include Celiac symptoms, eating gluten free, and Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

3. Celiac Teen Lauren is a 17 year old high school student with Celiac disease and a few others. She loves to create gluten free food of her own as well. Check out her blog for daily life, updates, thoughts, and more.

4. Celiac in the City This blogger lives in Milwaukee and was diagnosed in 2008. With the help of friends and family, she started a gluten free diet and lifestyle. Her blog has everything from items in the news to the lifestyle to an eating guide for the city.

5. Since 1995 this blog and site has been providing information on the disease. Categories include a safe foods list, diagnosis, treatment, and more. You can even join the blog as an author.

6. Celiac Disease Foundation The goal of the foundation is to raise awareness of Celiac disease. You can visit to get the latest information on their events. Topics also include diet and lifestyle, resources, and even a special section for kids.

7. Celiac Family Resources, recipes, and random thoughts on living gluten free are found on this blog. A recipe index and tips for eating out are also shared. There is even a gluten free candy list for kids who need it.

8. Celiac Facts Information to support gluten free health and lifestyle are shared here. You can sign up for their free weekly newsletter or check out topics from business to travel. One of the latest posts was on a new gluten free study.

Top Celiac News Blogs

Learn the latest about Celiac disease from these blogs.

    9. Celiac Disease Celiac news and gluten free diet resources are shared here. Choose from topics such as support groups, medical news, books, and more. The blog is also regularly updated with news and opinions.

10. Celiac Disease Health Center This is the news feed and center for Celiac disease from WebMD. The latest headlines and discussions from the health community are included. Hot topics currently include the signs and symptoms of Celiac disease as well as watchful waiting.

11. U.S. Institutes of Health Learn about the latest clinical trials on Celiac disease here. A list of studies is published, along with its status. You can also look up clinical trials for other diseases.

12. Celiac Disease Center This research center is part of The University of Chicago. Choose from a Celiac Disease 101 section, tips for living with it, or research and education. They also feature the latest news.

13. Celiac Disease Learn all about Celiac disease from the experts at the Mayo Clinic. Items here include a definition, symptoms, and even risk factors for the disease. You can also learn more about drugs, treatments, and lifestyle remedies.

14. Celiac Disease Click here for the news and a guide from the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It is a virtual encyclopedia of information. There are also many related topics to choose from.

15. Celiac Disease Need a few questions answered on the disease? The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse is your site. Simple questions and answers on Celiac disease and many others are offered.

Top Gluten Free Blogs

These Celiac sufferers discuss how to live a gluten free life.

    16. Gluten Free: The Celiac Site This newsletter is published every Thursday and contains excerpts from articles with information not typically found through using regular internet channels. Choose from topics such as gluten free restaurants, weight loss, and budgetary concerns for gluten free people. There is even a super market list offered.

17. Gluten Free Steve After being diagnosed, Steve scoured the internet for information but found none. He then began his blog as a quest to inform himself, as well as others. In addition to regular thoughts, Steve also offers tips for newbies and rants.

18. Gluten Free Blog The goal of this blog is to help others achieve satisfaction in a gluten free diet and lifestyle. Recipes, topics, and medical news all make up blog enties. A recent post was on how to drink the gluten free way.

19. Adventures of a Gluten Free Mommy Heidi underwent many physical problems and diagnosis before discovering she had Celiac disease. After her eldest son was also diagnosed with it, she became the gluten free mommy. Tips for living with the disease in the family, recipes, and recommended readings are all worth a look.

20. Gluten Free Diva Think the part of your life where you enjoyed brownies is over? Then check out the diva for ways to be gluten free the easy way. In addition to recipes, you can get pantry tips and videos.

21. Gluten Free Fun Erin is from New York with over 29 years of Celiac disease experience. She shows her readers how to make gluten free fun. Tips include food, restaurants, recipes, and more.

22. Some Foods are not my Friends Also from New York, Lynn is a writer who discovered late in life that she couldn’t eat everything she wanted to. She now eats carefully and reports via blog on what she finds. Honey Nut Chex was the latest.

23. Gluten Free Gobsmacked The blogger uses the title to express how she felt after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. She then resolved to bake, cook, and enjoy life. Check out her blog to see how.

24. A Gluten Free Guide

Finally, if the above don’t contain enough gluten free fun, stop here. This blogger gives an A to Z guide on going gluten free. Choose from essential readings or simply read the latest post.

Top Celiac Cooking Blogs

A gluten free diet doesn’t have to be a punishment with the help of these blogs.

    25. Gluten Free Goddess Karina is a top chef and has loads of tips for everyone from the beginner to the expert in gluten free cooking. Get tips for how to go gluten free, an ABC guide, and even recipes for those who are also vegans. A recent entry was on the Mediterranean Diet.

26. Ginger Lemon Girl Visit here for a blog that is both guilt and gluten free. Carrie loves to bake from a Celiac disease perspective. She recently recounted her top recipes of the year that include casserole, honey oat bread, and gluten free popovers.

27. Gluten Free Girl and the Chef A professional chef and a Celiac disease sufferer combine on this blog. Stories of food, love, and more are all shared. Life with kids is also shared.

28. Gluten Free Cooking School You don’t have to leave home to attend this cooking program. Simply click here to get lessons and recipes for gluten free cooks at all levels. You can even get online events and lessons.

29. Life, Gluten Free This blogger is Celiac positive, as well as her husband and daughter. With three mouths to feed, the blog stands out for keeping the family in mind. Daily life also makes its way into posts.

30. Taylor’s Table Visit here for “gourmet recipes liberating the gluten-free and dairy-free epicurial soul.” Taylor includes pantry selection and even local recommendations. You can also select recipes from appetizers to vegetables on the blog.

31. La Tartine Gourmande This blog is often a top choice from many different ranking systems. With a special section for the gluten free, you can choose from custards, light cooking, and much more. They also have loads of other special categories to pick from.

32. Creative Cooking Go outside the box of gluten free cooking on this blog. Recent entries are on chicken pot pie, a recreation from P.F. Chang’s, and even tips for weekly menu planning. They also link to giveaways.

33. Delightfully Gluten Free In addition to recipes, you can also get information on many Celiac disease myths here. Other sections include tips for newcomers and recipes galore. News on the gluten free lifestyle are also shared.

34. Gluten Free Recipes Just need a gluten free recipes without all the blogging? Then check out Allrecipes. They have thousands of user sent in recipes for every gluten free food imaginable such as desserts, bread, pizza, and more.

Top Other Celiac Blogs

These blogs are about Celiac disease or living gluten free and at least one other related topic.

    35. The Gluten Free Doctor Get both gluten free information and an expert opinion on this blog. Dr. Stephen Wangen is a licensed physician specializing in digestive disorders. Also diagnosed with Celiac disease, he often discusses medical issues in the news.

36. The Good Eatah This blogger focuses on both going gluten and casein free. Liz is both Celiac positive and lactose intolerant but doesn’t let that stop her from eating well. Desserts that are friendly to her condition were the topic of a recent post.

37. Gluten Free in Georgia Ginger is living both a gluten free and sugar free diet in her blog. She also adds a Southern flair to her blog. A year end round up and Mea Culpa was discussed in a recent entry.

38. Beve Kindblade Stop here for the blog of a professional nutritionist. She has over 19 years of experience in making food into medicine. Blog topics are on everything from reading food labels to supplements.

39. Cybele Pascal No matter what your food allergy, this blog has something for you. Choose every recipe category from breads to pies on the blog. Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and more are all shared.

40. Please Don’t Pass the Nuts Sloane Miller is an author and licensed psychotherapeutic social worker. Her specialty is coaching the allergenic community on their diets. She often reviews products – such as a goat milk soup for the most recent – and shares her opinion.

41. Food Allergy Mama This mother of four is from suburban Chicago. One of her children has a severe dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, and legume allergy. She now specializes in cooking, reading labels, and sharing more on what an allergy can mean for the family.

42. Allergy Foodie What are the top eight food allergies? Find out through the blog, but more importantly, it includes tips on how to live with each. Gluten free is just one of them.

43. Yummy Allergen Free The Food Allergy Mom’s list of what not to use adds up when she counts up all her family members. They include wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, and tons of meat, as well as others. See how she can still make tasty treats with a read.

44. Allergy Sense A standout feature of this blog is the ability to sort entries by food allergy. They include dairy free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut free, and of course, gluten free. You can also choose recipes by type.

Top Celiac Blog Networks

Use the below to meet others who have Celiac disease, start a blog, and more.

    45. Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Forum Visit here for a forum that is part of You can check out items on coping with the disease and choosing doctors. There are also loads of other topics to choose from.

46. The Sensible Celiac Get hundreds of posts for first time visitors alone on this site. Subjects include diagnosis, treatment, food, and even places to shop. Be sure not to miss out on the tips for dining in restaurants.

47. Gluten Free These forums are a resource for those living a gluten and wheat free lifestyle. A special section for those not yet diagnosed is a standout feature. There are also tons of other threads for those with Celiac disease.

48. The Celiac Disease Community This online community is part of Revolution Health. Popular current groups include a Crohn’s and Colitis club. There are also forum posts and blog entries from experts.

49. Celiac Disease Forum Get questions from both doctors and patients on these forums. They are part of eHealth and even have the option to send in a question for a doctor. The special section for Celiac disease includes discussions on treatments, side effects, medications, and more.

50. Chowhound No matter what your dietary needs are, there are resources on Chowhound. They gather food lovers worldwide to share and rank recipes. You can also get loads of other eating and food tips on the site.

Whether newly diagnosed, suspect that you may have a gluten allergy, or have been living with the condition for years, there is loads to find on the above top 50 Celiac blogs. If unsure of which foods have wheat or gluten in them, check out this guide to get a list of ingredients that can be harmful to those with Celiac disease. Make sure to consult your physician before following any of the advice you read or before self-medicating.

Top 10 Detoxing Cleanses for the New Year

Now that the holidays and New Year’s are past, for these next few months we need to clear out the year’s end’s effects. We all know that the cookies, eggnog, and fried foods are not healthy as we engorge, and therefore, we still find ourselves the gym for the first few months of the year. While losing weight and looking great (externally) is important, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And for this, we recommend a nice, soothing cleanse. A cleanse is health regiment designed to remove toxins from the body. Many cleanses involve synthetic drugs that must be purchased as a special unit, but there are many natural cleanses can be done straight from your home. These Top Ten Home Cleanses range from switching your diet, to removing unwanted negativity from your home; and all are sure to leave you feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and ready for the New Year!

1) Fat Flush Cleanse The Fat Flush Cleanse hopes to induce healthy weight loss by eating healthy fats, and flushing the unhealthy fats. While this flush promotes weight loss, another benefit is the cleansing of the liver (toxins left over from the holidays?). There are three phases to this flush.

Recommendation: – Phase 1: When detoxifying the liver, you must cut out the alcohol and caffeine (gasp!). Stick to under 1200 calories a day. You must eat protein at each meal (do not mix milk and meat in a meal). No water with meals. DO not mix fruits and veggies. Exercise, it’ll make you feel better! – Phase 2: Caloric intake increases up to 1400. Good carbs are reintroduced to the meal plan (brown rice, brown breads, etc.) Meal rules from phase 1 still apply. – Phase 3: Calories increase to a maximum of 1500. Keep up the exercising! Add weight training. Flush away!

2) Alkaline Cleanse In order to avoid high acid levels in the body, your body must maintain a proper ph balance (around 7.5). The acid levels and alkalinity levels work hand in hand to produce your body’s pH balance. High acid in the body can lead to infection, inflammation, and lethargy. The alkaline cleanse is used to lower high-acidic levels in the body, and can prove to be extremely beneficial if you are looking to up your energy levels.

Recommendation: Consume low-acidic foods (lay-off the fried, processed, or refined foods), drink green drinks (green tea, wheat grass), eat foods with higher alkalinity (kale, sprouts, cucumbers, lemons, avocado), stay hydrated (water is the natural flusher of toxins).

3) Lemonade Cleanse Modified from the “Master Cleanse,” The Lemonade Cleanse (or fast) is a simple concoction to get your body back on track. The Lemonade Cleanse aims to eliminate toxins from the liver and blood stream. This cleanse can be demanding, as it lasts for 2-3 days, but the effects are sure to be worth it.

Recommendation: Ingredients are lemon or limejuice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, water. – Combine 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon/lime juice, 1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup (depending on personal preference), a pinch of cayenne pepper (whatever you can handle, but keep it small!), per 1 cup of water. – Drink a minimum of 6 cups of this concoction for a minimum of 10 days. You may eat fruits on day 3 (read below), and resume other solids on day 4. – Do not eat solid foods. – Herbal teas are encouraged, especially natural laxative herbal teas – You may break the fast on day 3. By drinking orange juice. Lunch you may eat raw fruit. Dinner you may have fruits and salad. You may resume eating healthy foods on day 4.

4) Parasite Cleanse Parasites in the body can be very harmful and can cause lots of pain and agony if they are left untreated. This year, try a natural parasite cleanse to flush out any remaining parasites or parasites eggs that may be prevalent in the body. We recommend natural cleanses versus the use of synthetic and manufactured drugs. The Green Hull Black Walnut Concoction works by oxygenizing the blood, maintaining a proper balance of your body’s sugar, and most importantly, eliminating parasites and unwanted bacteria.

Recommendation: Eating the Green Hull of a Black Walnut

5) Colon Cleanse We have all felt the affects of alcohol, and we have all said, “I’m never drinking again.” Somehow we continue to wake up with pounding headaches. This year, try a colon cleanse that promises to remove toxins from the liver and other major organs. When you flush away from the colon, your organs’ aches (withdrawals from alcohol) are minimized. Another benefit of the colon cleanse if the boost to the digestive system. An alternative, and fastest way to detoxify the colon (as natural detoxing may take 3-4 weeks) is colonic irrigation. Positive Results: Increase in energy, healthy living, weight loss, and a better sex drive!

Recommendation: Eat a diet rich in raw veggies and fruit, and, of course, nix the alcohol. Avoid sugars when possible (outside of fruit). Constant hydration is key, as water is the natural flusher.

6) The Gentle Cleanse For those of you who want the total cleanse, but don’t want the feeling of a total reconstruction of your stomach; start with the gentle cleanse. This cleanse isn’t necessarily for the light-hearted, just a gateway to the serious cleanses. If you can handle the gentle cleanse, you’re encouraged to try another! If you’re reading this, and this sounds like an everyday routine for you- consider yourself a healthy person!

Recommendation: Have a smoothie for breakfast. They are tasty and full of essential nutrients. Smoothies also have the capability to revamp your energy for the morning, as our bodies are constantly metabolizing (even as we sleep!). Reduce the amounts of processed foods you consume (eliminate if you can), and stick to whole wheat and whole grain options. Refined and processed foods have the capability to negate any positive work you have done with your detox, so stay away when possible. Lastly, stick to a meatless diet until dinner. Fresh veggies serve as natural cleansers for the human body (at any time of day), and it’s best to load up for breakfast and lunch, saving your meats at dinner.

7) Ionizing Footbath Cleanse It seems that renewable energy is all we talk about these days. Interested in a renewable energy in your own body? Hop on in! Try an ionizing footbath and let your feet attract negatively charged ions that create an alkaline reaction. With an acidic build-up in the body, your body’s alkalinity is not able to be at the proportionate level. For this, you can protect your body from toxemia via ionic footbaths. Ions are known to eliminate toxins from the body, and starting from the ground up, your body will be cleansed.

Recommendation: Buy an ionizing footbath and rest at ease. You can cleanse at any time from the comfort of your own home. The key to the success of the footbath is the compounding of the electric current and the water molecules’ continuous flow to create both positive and negative ions. With both of these charges, the toxins are released through the pores on the bottom of your feet.

8)The Airplane Cleanse Most people consider airplanes to be a dungeon of re-circulated air and a cesspool of cough germs. Next time you cruise the sky, take advantage of this time to detox your body, mind, and soul. The trick is to load up on hydrating foods that will settle and permeate into your body throughout the flight. These nutrient rich foods will do their job to clean out your insides, while you are sitting back, relaxed, and enjoying your flight.

Recommendation: Drink lots of water prior to boarding the plane. Even if you must use the restroom on board, you know you’re hydrating. Avoid the tempting salty snacks that the flight attendants dangle in front of your mouth. Nothing dehydrates more than unnecessary sodium. Replace such snacks with fresh fruits or veggies. When the drink cart rolls by, request a tea or sparkling water. Remember, enjoy the ride!

9) The One day Juice Cleanse While previously mentioned fasts can take up to days or weeks, this fast is a simple one-dayer. The key is to stick with the fast throughout the day. Natural juices (fresh squeezed, no preservatives!) are the source of many and almost all good nutrients and vitamins. Nothing says fresh like straight from the source, and it is your duty to make sure that you are doing things fresh. Pick out your favorite anti-oxidant rich foods, and blend, blend, blend away! While solid foods are more fun, this juice cleanse will have you feeling great the following days. If you are able to do this cleanse for one day, you will be successful. It is simply simple.

Recommendation: The most delicious fruits are listed below, but feel free to swap out and make substitutions. 2 large oranges, 1 red grapefruit, 6 strawberries, ½ banana. Voila!

10) The Spiritual Cleanse: Rid your Home of Demons! While the term “cleanse” generally refers to a physical act of removing harmful toxins from the body, sometimes spirituality is just as important. In fact, if you overall aura is not up to par (chi, anyone?), your immune system can diminish. For this, you should always surround yourself with positivity, and where better to be surrounded by peace? Answer: Your Home. Get rid of the negative spirits and demons!

Recommendation: First of all, get rid of any clutter. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Yeah, yeah, we get it. Once you clear your home, your mind will be cleared as well. Next, remove anything that reminds you of any bad, scary, or cringe worthy memories. Daily reminders of past disturbances keep these negative spirits fresh in your mind. Lastly, think of your “happy place,” and surround yourself with any and all things related to said place. While it may sound silly, you will be surprised at the positivity reinstated in your life, once you return to that “happy place!”

15 Foolproof Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Celebrating the holiday of the new year dates all the way back to Julius Caesar. The Romans would often exchange gifts commemorating the passing of an old year and the beginning of a new one. With more modern traditions involving champagne and the drop of a giant disco ball, resolving to make improvements in the coming year is nothing new.

However, in a generation of smart phones and a world wide web, keeping a new year’s resolution is now easier and more foolproof than ever. No matter if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, earn a few dollars, or gain a new perspective, New Year’s resolutions are often called upon to do so. To keep you in the loop of your own desires and from a broken promise by Martin Luther King Day, we have gathered 15 foolproof ways to actually keep your New Year’s resolution.

Foolproof General Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Use the below to help derive and keep a New Year’s resolution.

    1. Pebbles and Pundits The experts at The Marist Poll also do one for New Year’s resolutions. According to them, almost half of all Americans (48%) plan to make a New Year’s resolution. Of these, 65% say they keep the resolution throughout the year, while the rest do not. The most popular resolution? Weight loss remains the top spot with 19% planning to shed the pounds in the New Year.


    2. 43 Things This site is a popular choice for people who are trying new things. People from across the world come here to learn something new, get encouragement, and even see if it is worth doing. With a special section for New Year’s resolutions, you can simply type in yours to get connected to others who are doing the same. You can also search for things by category or by typing it in the search engine.

    3. Expert Advice on Maintaining Resolutions Experts from the University of Maryland weigh in on time tested tips to help prepare for success. This involves choosing and setting realistic goals and outlining steps. Other useful tips include avoiding perfectionism, preparing for setbacks, and giving resolutions meaning. There are also other guides to New Year’s resolutions on the site. 4. Remember the Milk Because a New Year’s resolution doesn’t just happen, it must be scheduled, there is this site. Use this online and foolproof way to schedule and keep up with whatever your resolution is. You can send reminders as text messages, emails, or IM reminders. Other bonus features include a mobile app and the ability to sync with Google Calendar.

    5. Tada Lists If the above is too complex, you can also utilize this simple online task manager. One of “USA Today’s” hot sites, over 4 million lists have been created. You can also create several lists, share them, and even on use it on your iPhone.

    6. Zen Habits No matter what your goals are, accomplish them the Zen way with the help of this blog. Leo Babauta and others are about finding the simplicity in the daily chaos of life. Clearing out clutter, motivation, health, spirituality, and more are all shared as well as practical tips. They recently posted their top blog entries for the year and include “A Guide to Barefoot Running,” “Simplified Morning Routine,” and “Procrastination Remedies.”

    7. Healthy Children If looking to involve your kids as part of your New Year’s resolutions, visit here. The site is run by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They have tips for nutrition and fitness for just about every stage of childhood. You can also read items on healthy living, safety, family life, and other health issues.

    8. Stepcase Lifehack The popular blog has become a staple of those looking for easier ways to get things done. With a special section for productivity, they have entries for everything from getting promoted at work to keeping a New Year’s resolution. Other options include communication, lifestyle, money, technology, and management.

Foolproof Specific Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Below are some of the most common and top choices for New Year’s resolutions as well as foolproof ways for keeping them.

    9. Spark People Whether looking to lose weight or get in shape, this site is where people from across the globe visit. With over 15 billion calories burned and counted, there are many reasons to sign up for a free membership. Recipes, workouts, blogs, and even a Healthy Living Challenge are all available with a simple visit. You can even use their special savings for members, as well as memberships just for teens or expecting moms.


    10. Healthy Eating Because diet is an important part of getting fit or losing weight, click here. The Food Network literally has millions of recipes to choose from and offers this special section on healthy eating. Current popular entries include guilt free cocktail party and 50 lighter comfort foods. You can also use the Quick Recipe Finder to find a meal by time, ingredients, prep time, and from your favorite chef.

    11. Quit Smoking If your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking, chances are this isn’t your first time making it. With this free resource from, you can use the step by step guide to help you quit. There are also experts and tools that can aid in your quest. There is even the option to find a research study in your area.

    12. Get Organized If you have a messy desk or a garage that’s full but the cars are on the driveway, this may be your New Year’s resolution. A foolproof way to keep it is to visit a blog like Organized Home. Posts are categorized into cleaning, cutting clutter, loads of stuff for the kitchen, and much more. They even recently wrote about how to organize for the holidays.

    13. Get Rich Slowly Those looking to get out of debt or grow their wealth also make the list of New Year’s resolutions. This blog specializes in finances for the everyday person. Their post on getting out of debt alone has been read and utilized by many readers. There are also tips for savings accounts, CD rates, credit cards, and even insurance. They even have a Bank Rates Center with the latest in interest rates and more.

    14. Volunteer If looking to give to charity as a New Year’s resolution but light on the checkbook, why not volunteer your time? This site has a search engine that can help you match by local, skill level, and even interest. You can also read the stories of others who have used the site to volunteer. Twenty five percent of people who use the site are first time volunteers.

    15. Pray No matter what your faith is, there are loads for you at With every faith from Buddhism to Taoism, there are many prayers to be found. The site also offers a community with blogs and videos to help even more. Other sections include inspiration, health, holistic living, family, and even a daily deal.

No matter what your goal is, there are loads of help in the above 15 foolproof ways to actually keep your New Year’s resolution. With everything from shedding pounds to growing wealth at stake, they are a must read. To get inspired for a New Year’s resolution like never before, try checking out the Wishing Wall in New York City. Many visitors have come by to place their wish in the form of a Post-it and you can view pictures of items such as travel, graduate, and even in foreign languages.

Top 49 Vaccine Safety Awareness Blogs and Articles

The anti-vaccination movement has taken off in the past decade. With loose links to autism and other learning disabilities, parents are becoming more aware of the safety of various vaccines that are pushed on children and even teens. The HPV vaccine has caused a major uproar in recent years and these blogs will keep you posted on the major developments in the world of vaccine safety awareness and give you tips on thoroughly researching what’s right for you and your family.

Top Vaccine Blogs

These vaccine blogs cover major news stories and issues people have had with popular vaccines. They shouldn’t scare you into keeping your kids away from doctors, just serve as a source of awareness for you to make an educated decision.


1. Vaccine Ethics This site tracks all of the news stories revolving around vaccines. Recent posts include discussions over conferences to raise vaccine awareness and the fact that the CDC is talking about approving the HPV vaccine for boys.

2. History of Vaccines This blog launched just a couple of months ago and talks about vaccines throughout the course of history, beginning with the first vaccination to prevent smallpox.

3. Vaccine Awakening This fantastic blog tracks all of the vaccine news that’s going on and also discusses how to vaccines are being forced on those in the medical industry, from volunteers to doctors.

4. No Vaccine This site is updated regularly and offers all of the stats you’ll need to help you make an educated decision on getting certain vaccines. It also has articles on the untested H1N1 vaccine.

5. Vaccine Blogs This blogs talks about the history of vaccines and where vaccines are headed all over the world, not just the trends we’re seeing in the United States. It also touches on the links between cancer and toxins found in vaccines.

6. Ask Dr. Sears This blog is aimed at parents and boasts an extensive section over vaccines for your child, which are necessary and which can be left alone until you feel your child is old enough to have it.

7. The Doctor Within This doctor keeps you in-the-loop with vaccine news that may effect your family. It’s a smart blog to read when you want the background information on vaccines presented in an unbiased manner.

8. Age of Autism This amazing blog is penned by a woman who’s mom to three girls with autism. It explains the developments made in the world of vaccines and the links between autism and vaccines given to kids at too early of an age.

9. NJ Vaccination Choice This is the official site and blog for the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice, which is pushing for a ballot on freedom when it comes to choosing what is injected into your child’s body and at what age.

10. Huffington Post – Arthur Allen Though Allen no longer writes for this site, his archived posts on vaccine analysis are a must-read for those who are questioning how many vaccines their child must endure within a few short weeks.

11. Since Blogs – Medicine This site is all science, all of the time, but the medicine category of the site gives you plenty of vaccine information and keeps you posted on news stories from around the world.

12. Scepticon This site is all about facts, so you’ll never read a mushy post from a mom who is making a blog post her public platform. Instead, you’ll get facts that can arm you for a discussion with your doctor on what your child needs in terms of vaccines.

13. The Vaccine Page Get constant updates for this site, which covers all vaccine information on the web. It talks tests and trials for particular vaccines and gives parents the skinny on what to expect when approached with a checklist for vaccines.

14. Vaccines While this site has a homeopathic agenda, it does provide plenty of solid arguments and medical data for the links between autism and other learning disabilities.

15. Huffington Post – Jay Gordon This blog goes into the links between autism and toxins in vaccines. It also dissects articles published in mainstream newspapers that often contain little or no facts regarding vaccines, but usually push a particular agenda.

Top HPV Vaccine Blogs and Articles

The HPV blogs are among the chattiest in recent years. The controversy of whether the HPV vaccine is worth administering to young girls is a major debate between doctors, schools and parents.

16. KKRA Snow Waterman – HPV Vaccine Fainting Seizures and Other Side Effects This article was updated regularly throughout the course of 2007 and 2008 with news on the HPV vaccine. The comments section serves as interesting research for the experiences had by young women who were given the vaccine alone or with other vaccinations.

17. NPR – Boys to Men Unequal Treatment on HPV The medical community is adamant about giving the HPV vaccine to young women, but what about young men? The vaccine has been approved for young men, but isn’t given out like candy for any teen who waltzes into a doctor’s office.

18. Time – Saying Yes to the HPV Vaccine This article talks about one mom’s push to get her daughters to get the HPV vaccine without broaching the heavy subject of sex. It’s not an easy conversation, but necessary so your daughter is aware of what’s going in her body and for what reason.

19. HPV Health This blog answers nearly all of your questions about the HPV vaccine. It talks to young women about whether they need the shot if they’re not sexually active and how to prevent HPV with other tactics outside of the shot.

20. Dr. Clark – HPV Vaccine Damage is the New Autism This article was penned by a doctor and urges parents to refrain from giving the HPV vaccine to their daughters. It talks about the extreme cases where HPV wreaked havoc on the bodies of young girls.

21. Scientific American – FDA Panel Approves Gardasil HPV This article explores the idea of giving the HPV vaccine to males. Once you see the numbers Gardasil is bringing in, you can make a decision on whether this vaccine is a money ploy or for the real protection of our society’s health.

22. Mayo Clinic – Sexual Health Nurse practitioner Lois McGuire answers all of your sexual health questions and goes into depth over the HPV vaccine. This is a must-read for women in college and their 20’s who are making their own decision about getting (or passing on) the vaccine.

23. Well Woman Blog – Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine for Women Aged 24 to 45 While this blog isn’t anti-vaccines, check out this post and see how it reads like a press release or advertisement for a product, versus a vital necessity to protect one’s health.

24. Defender Network – Snubbing the HPV Vaccine Giving the HPV vaccine may be OK for women, but studies show that these same women are often the ones skipping their pap smears. Learn how to protect yourself with tips from this article.

25. Health Care Shopper – Public Outcry Against HPV Vaccine In some areas, the HPV vaccine is causing a ruckus, but it’s not because folks are fearful of the toxins being administered; they just don’t want young girls having sex (or any sexual contact whatsoever).

26. WSJ – How Effective is Merck’s HPV Vaccine? The medical community pushes girls to get vaccinated, but is it really making a difference in protecting their bodies from the virus? Get a rundown of the studies done with this WSJ article.

27. Global Toad – The Hidden Dangers of the HPV Vaccine This article outlines the dangers of the HPV vaccine, as recorded by the FDA. The comments section makes for great opinions from women and girls who are opposed or for the vaccine and talk about their experience with the series of shots.

28. Fems Across the Pond – HPV Vaccine Big Pharmacy Sucks How do Americans and their umpteenth vaccines look from the other side of the pond? Mighty silly. Read as this UK-er sounds off on the glossy presentation of the HPV vaccine and how it mimics a fancy new product as opposed to a medical need.

29. Information is Beautiful – How Safe is the HPV Vaccine This blog post has a visual aide for those who need a more in-depth explanation of how HPV is helping their body. It also gives you the scoop on statistical facts in terms of preventing cervical cancer and HPV strains that result in genital warts.

30. NPR – Most Who Start with HPV Vaccine Don’t Finish It This should come as a surprise to no one, but studies show that nearly three years later, young women aren’t doing the entire run of HPV shots, which makes starting the program pointless. Is it because young women are becoming more aware of the vicious side effects?

Top Flu Vaccine Blogs and Articles

Catching the flu used to be something everyone dealt with nearly every winter. Nowadays, there’s a shot for that and it prevents you from catching the flu. For some, the flu just runs through their body like a regular virus, but for others the results can be fatal, which is why the flu shot was developed and is primarily administered to children and the elderly.

31. Pharmacy Owners – Marketing the Flu Shot If you think the flu shot is a preventative measure, read this article showing pharmacists how to hawk flu shots like they’re the latest fad. It’s tactics like this that make the public so weary of”official” sources when it comes to our health.

32. Consumer Reports: Health – Flu Shot Fears The controversy over the flu shot is rampant enough that 1/3 of the public is opting out. Is this because we’re more aware of the facts or simply listen to the scary news about the flu shot the media portrays?

33. Triage – Flu Shot Safety This blog post shows you how to proceed if you have a major reaction to the flu shot. While it provides plenty of reasons why you should get one, it goes on to give you the scoop on the side effects that can damage your health if you choose to go through with the flu shot. How’s that for comfort?

34. Whale – Vaccines/Flu This site is great for learning about all vaccines, but the flu shot has an extensive section for learning the pros and cons of the shot. The information was put together by a legit doctor and talks about the fear tactic that the media and government use to scare the public into lining up for the shot.

35. Vaccination Risk Awareness Network – Effectiveness of Flu Shot Sometimes having flu-like symptoms doesn’t mean you have the flu, it means you have some other sort of illness. In a study conducted in 2004 through 2005, it was concluded that the flu shot doesn’t prevent those who will have other illnesses ward off the disease, which accounts for a vast percentage of the”flu” people have.

36. Moms Against Mercury This is a must-read blog for those looking to learn about the ugly side of vaccines. The information on flu shots at this blog is startling, including the part that talks about the government targeting elderly people for the shot.

37. Web MD – Learn About Flu Shots Web MD is the site many turn to when met with a medical conundrum. This article breaks downs the flu shot and what side effects occur to some people who take it. It is always wise to know the side effects up front, so you know what bad reactions to look for post-shot.

38. Advanced Health Plan – Flu Shots This blog tells you why flu shots should be avoided at all costs. It talks about natural, preventative measures you can take to strengthen your immune system and lower your risk of catching the flu.

39. eHow – Dangers of the Flu Shot Learn why the flu shot isn’t as necessary as you may think. For one thing, the effectiveness of flu shots cannot be measured because of the various strains that strike each flu season.

Discussion Boards and Forums on Vaccination and Immunization Awareness

These messageboards and forums will teach you what to be on alert for when checking the various vaccines and immunization shots administered to your child.

40. iVillage – Vaccination Debate Parents at this messageboard aren’t afraid to sound off on claims from the government and medical community that seem to push an agenda.

41. HealthBoards – Vaccination & Immunization If you’re looking for simple answers like why some vaccinations have been deemed bad by certain groups, this is the blog for you. There are countless threads on the subject and has stories from those who’ve had a vaccine go wrong.

42. Mothering – Vaccinations This parenting forum has forums for both sides of the coin – those who are pro-vaccines and those who are delaying vaccines or not giving them to their kids at all. Weigh in on the debate or just read and learn.

43. MedHelp – Immunization and Vaccines At this forum, parents discuss nearly every vaccine (and it’s a lot) that’s administered to kids before they hit pre-school. There are also threads created by those who’ve had side effect from flu shots and HPV vaccine.

44. Vaccine A This site discusses the homeopathic side to vaccinating your body and the drastic side effects that happen when going through with conventional vaccines.

45. Parenthood – Forums This site has a large array of forums with a few focusing on vaccinations and immunization shots for little ones. It discusses the debate of delaying vaccines so there’s no excessive buildup of toxins in a child.

46. Global Healing Center – Vaccine Exemption Forms This site doesn’t have tons of chatter over what to do with your baby, but it does have the necessary vaccine exemption forms for nearly every country where they’re required. Check it out before your next doctor’s visit if you’re choosing to opt out.

47. HealthBoards – Autism This site goes into depth with extensive threads and posts dating back to the mid-‘90s with studies that show links between autism and vaccines.

48. What to Expect – MMR Vaccines This mommy messageboard has plenty of info over immunization shots, but this thread over the controversial MMR vaccine is an essential read for any parent with a newborn.

49. BabyCenter – None, Selected, Delayed Vaccinations Here parents can support each other in decided to go with no vaccines or a delayed schedule for their children. It also has threads from parents with the reasons why they’re choosing to wait on immunization.

There’s no reason to be fearful of getting sick. It’s a natural part of life and some illnesses, like the flu, have been around for centuries. Be aware of what goes into your body and that of your children before you nod and agree to a fishy vaccine that has been approved without any serious medical data to back it up.


Precautions for a Safe Cosmetic Surgery

Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was only for the rich and famous and something that you had to sweep under the carpet. Today, it’s acceptable and even fashionable to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife. People do it for various reasons – to feel good about themselves, to get rid of some kind of disfigurement, or just to lose weight quickly. Whatever the reason, it’s essential that you undertake basic safety measures because even though it’s cosmetic, the risks are not. So before you consent to change the way you look, here’s what you need to do:
  • Find a qualified surgeon: The most important consideration in cosmetic surgery is not the cost; it’s how skilled your surgeon is. You’re doing this because you want to improve the way you look, and it’s only with a reputable and established surgeon can you ensure that the results are as expected. So even if you have to pay more, choose a surgeon who is licensed and qualified to perform cosmetic surgery and someone who is experienced in the particular surgery that you are interested in.
  • Insist on a safe location: Cosmetic surgery is just like any other surgical procedure in that you will be under the effect of anesthesia and you may suffer blood loss. So just in case anything goes wrong, it’s best to have the surgery performed at a hospital where emergency care is available on a 24×7 basis. If your procedure is scheduled at a private cosmetic surgical practice, ask about medical facilities that are close by and where you could get emergency treatment if necessary.
  • Follow instructions: And finally, it’s extremely important to follow your doctor’s instructions before and after the surgery. You may have to stop smoking and/or go off certain medication (if you’re on prescription drugs). Also, once the procedure is done, you may be in a fair amount of pain, but check with your doctor before you start popping painkillers on your own. It may be a while before you start seeing results, especially in liposuctions and other surgeries done on your face, so you must be patient. You may also have to undergo physiotherapy in some cases, so ask your doctor to provide you with all the information before you sign on the dotted line.
It may be cosmetic, but the risks exist because it’s surgery after all. But if you take the necessary precautions and follow instructions, there’s no need to fear cosmetic surgery.