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The Top 39 Hair Styling Blogs that Make the Cut

Styling your own hair can be hard. If you don’t know how to work with your hair’s natural texture and constantly try to go against nature, it can be tricky to end up with hair you’re willing to leave the house with. These top hair styling blogs show you the ropes of getting an amazing look at home, whether you’re a man, woman or hopeful pageant queen.

General Hair Styling Blogs

Check out these blogs that cover various hairstyles, whether you’re looking for a new haircut that’s fuss-free or for that perfect updo for your sister’s wedding.

    1. My Style Bell This site has loads of information on styling your hair, including interviews with major hair stylists to the stars on the day of and after big awards ceremonies.


    2. Latest Hairstyles Blog Learn how to combat frizz and gals and guys can pick up grooming tips so they’re always looking fly, even when the weather is going crazy.

    3. My Hairstyling Tools Blog This site has information aimed at those studying to be hair professionals, but that means it has awesome tips for us civilians on how to keep a sleek ponytail shiny and smooth all night long.

    4. Curly Hair Styles Magazine Those with curly hair will learn to tame their tresses and try out the latest hair styles that will show off your natural curls and waves with ease.

    5. Makeup and Beauty Blog This blog covers all things beauty, but it often has tips on styling your hair, no matter what texture you’re working with. It also has tips from A-list stylists on how to achieve the looks seen on the red carpet for awards ceremonies and movie premieres.

    6. HairStyle If you’re looking for a little inspiration, consider this site to be your go-to when you want to scour tons of celebrity photos to show your stylist your idea of the perfect chignon or messy beach waves.

    7. Hair Products Pro Blog This site reviews high end hair products. If you’re the one who spends a pretty penny on hair tools and products, it’s a must-read to find out what’s worth spending your cash on. It also showcases the hair trends you can look forward to.

    8. Smarter Fashion and Beauty Blog We love this beauty blog because it’s written by real women who show you how to make the most out of what you already have. Expect hair styling tips that are easy-to-follow and require minimal skill.

    9. Leslie Fair This professional hair stylist and makeup artist helps brides get done up for weddings in Hawaii and shares her expert tips for getting your hair in tip-top condition before the big day.

    10. Total Beauty This site is packed with hair styling tips for any occasion. For those who want something simple, there are tips on getting a chic ponytail that takes minutes and for those who want to go glam, learn how to use a clampless curling iron for full waves.

    11. Short Hair Style Blog If you have short hair and want to make the most of it, this is the site for you. It has tips on coloring short hair so it has a lively look and how to keep split ends at bay.

    12. Bobby Pin Blog This professional shares the latest hair trends and what you should be doing to your hair to keep it in great shape each season. She also showcases plenty of vintage hair images for those who love hair styles from the past.

    13. Modern Salon This site has the latest and greatest hairstyles, plus tips on how to get them on your own, at home. From blunt bangs to super wavy hair that rivals Carrie Bradshaw, this is the hair style blog for those who love to be on the cusp of trends.

    14. The Hairstyler If you aren’t the super adventurous type, this blog has the basics of hair styling, such as smart styles for the office and easy updos for a special occasion.

    15. Hairdresser on Fire You’ll want more and more of this hair styling blog penned by a pro who shows you simple ways to achieve red carpet looks. Best of all, she focuses on hair styles for everyone, even kids.

African American Natural Hair Styling Blogs

If you want to learn to go natural and keep your hair in stellar shape while transitioning, these blogs can help you get there.


    16. Glamazini Follow this hair blogger as she works with her natural hair on a daily basis. It has been a long process for her, so she has tons of tips for those who are just taking the plunge.


    17. My Natural Styles If you’re making the transition to natural hair, you better know how to style it to keep yourself from going back to relaxers. This blog shows you how.

    18. Black Girl Long Hair This blog is fantastic for those going natural because it shows real women in the transition stages. It also talks about nighttime regimens when caring for natural hair.

    19. Naturally Leslie This blogger shares her tips about going natural and how to style it for special events like a wedding.

    20. Curly Nikki This blog is all about styling your hair after it’s grown out naturally. Reduce frizz and learn how to embrace the curl in your hair with tips from this site.

    21. Newly Natural This blog has hair product reviews and hair styles from real women with natural hair. Learn how to style your hair and have fun with the natural texture.

    22. Nappturality If you’re looking for tips on how to start the journey to natural hair, this is your site. It talks about easing your hair through the change so you don’t end up with unmanageable hair and also has a forum for members to share stories and tips.

    23. Kinnks Instead of fighting your hair’s natural wave, embrace it with tips from this natural hair blog.

    24. Mop Top Maven This blogger has been natural for quite some time and interviews other bloggers and women with natural hair for additional tips to share with readers.

    25. Natural Chica Check out this natural hair blog for contests, product reviews and advice on taking care of your natural hair. The blogger interviews women that offer tips on what products to use, including DIY concoctions you can whip up in your own kitchen.

    26. Curls Coils and Kinks At this site you’ll find tips on working with your hair’s curl and taming it without damaging it. This site is also loaded with product reviews and natural hair events going on throughout the United States.

    27. K is for Kinky This blog is a mix of fashion, beauty and natural hair care tips. It has awesome ideas for accessorizing to maximize your natural hair and fun hair styles that take just a few minutes.

    28. ajwitaFro This natural hair blog is all about rocking an afro with pride. Learn how to make your hair bouncy and wavy with the use of gentle products that work with your hair’s texture.

    29. It’s Just Hair This is a fantastic natural hair blog written by a woman who isn’t afraid to experiment with fun hairstyles and share her tricks of the trade.

African American Hair Styling Blogs

If you’re using a relaxer or wearing extensions, these blogs will show you how to take proper care of your hair to avoid a major meltdown.

    30. Thirsty Roots From coloring your hair to cutting extensions at home, this site is all about African American hair styling and hair care.


    31. Grow Black Hair Get tips on how to grow your hair out, what natural products to use on it and how to wash it so hair stays moisturized and full.

    32. BV Hair Talk This blog covers African American celebrities and their ‘dos, including President Obama.

    33. Black Hair Planet Get hairstyle ideas for natural and relaxed hair at this site, plus learn about the latest and greatest products on the market for African American hair.

    34. The American Parlor Learn how to take care of your hair, whether it’s natural or relaxed and get tips on hairstyles that are trendy and easy to wear for a party or special event.

    35. Black Hair Media Talk Cafe If you’re looking for tips from other women on how to wear your hair for an upcoming event or need simple hair styles you can wear daily, check out this active forum.

    36. Bruno’s Blog This hair stylist showcases African American celebrity hair styles and how to get the look without going to the salon.

    37. Become Gorgeous This is a beauty blog with tons of hair care and hair styling tips for African American men and women, plus tips on how to tame your kid’s hair without using harsh chemicals.

    38. The Hairstyler This is a general hair styling blog, but it has tons of information over selecting the right weave and dying African American hair.

    39. Long Hair Care Forum At this site members chat about growing their hair and share hair style tips through photos and step-by-step videos posted on the messageboard.

Styling your hair is far easier when you’re realistic about what you’re working with. While it isn’t impossible for fine, limp hair to have some curl, it may not be something you have the time or energy to pull on your own. Look to these top hair styling blogs for tips on how to manage your hair and make it look fabulous, without eating up hours.