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Top 10 Detoxing Cleanses for the New Year

Now that the holidays and New Year’s are past, for these next few months we need to clear out the year’s end’s effects. We all know that the cookies, eggnog, and fried foods are not healthy as we engorge, and therefore, we still find ourselves the gym for the first few months of the year. While losing weight and looking great (externally) is important, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. And for this, we recommend a nice, soothing cleanse. A cleanse is health regiment designed to remove toxins from the body. Many cleanses involve synthetic drugs that must be purchased as a special unit, but there are many natural cleanses can be done straight from your home. These Top Ten Home Cleanses range from switching your diet, to removing unwanted negativity from your home; and all are sure to leave you feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and ready for the New Year!

1) Fat Flush Cleanse
The Fat Flush Cleanse hopes to induce healthy weight loss by eating healthy fats, and flushing the unhealthy fats. While this flush promotes weight loss, another benefit is the cleansing of the liver (toxins left over from the holidays?). There are three phases to this flush.

– Phase 1: When detoxifying the liver, you must cut out the alcohol and caffeine (gasp!). Stick to under 1200 calories a day. You must eat protein at each meal (do not mix milk and meat in a meal). No water with meals. DO not mix fruits and veggies. Exercise, it’ll make you feel better!
– Phase 2: Caloric intake increases up to 1400. Good carbs are reintroduced to the meal plan (brown rice, brown breads, etc.) Meal rules from phase 1 still apply.
– Phase 3: Calories increase to a maximum of 1500. Keep up the exercising! Add weight training. Flush away!

2) Alkaline Cleanse
In order to avoid high acid levels in the body, your body must maintain a proper ph balance (around 7.5). The acid levels and alkalinity levels work hand in hand to produce your body’s pH balance. High acid in the body can lead to infection, inflammation, and lethargy. The alkaline cleanse is used to lower high-acidic levels in the body, and can prove to be extremely beneficial if you are looking to up your energy levels.

Recommendation: Consume low-acidic foods (lay-off the fried, processed, or refined foods), drink green drinks (green tea, wheat grass), eat foods with higher alkalinity (kale, sprouts, cucumbers, lemons, avocado), stay hydrated (water is the natural flusher of toxins).

3) Lemonade Cleanse
Modified from the “Master Cleanse,” The Lemonade Cleanse (or fast) is a simple concoction to get your body back on track. The Lemonade Cleanse aims to eliminate toxins from the liver and blood stream. This cleanse can be demanding, as it lasts for 2-3 days, but the effects are sure to be worth it.

Recommendation: Ingredients are lemon or limejuice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, water.
– Combine 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon/lime juice, 1-2 tablespoons of maple syrup (depending on personal preference), a pinch of cayenne pepper (whatever you can handle, but keep it small!), per 1 cup of water.
– Drink a minimum of 6 cups of this concoction for a minimum of 10 days. You may eat fruits on day 3 (read below), and resume other solids on day 4.
– Do not eat solid foods.
– Herbal teas are encouraged, especially natural laxative herbal teas
– You may break the fast on day 3. By drinking orange juice. Lunch you may eat raw fruit. Dinner you may have fruits and salad. You may resume eating healthy foods on day 4.

4) Parasite Cleanse
Parasites in the body can be very harmful and can cause lots of pain and agony if they are left untreated. This year, try a natural parasite cleanse to flush out any remaining parasites or parasites eggs that may be prevalent in the body. We recommend natural cleanses versus the use of synthetic and manufactured drugs. The Green Hull Black Walnut Concoction works by oxygenizing the blood, maintaining a proper balance of your body’s sugar, and most importantly, eliminating parasites and unwanted bacteria.

Recommendation: Eating the Green Hull of a Black Walnut

5) Colon Cleanse
We have all felt the affects of alcohol, and we have all said, “I’m never drinking again.” Somehow we continue to wake up with pounding headaches. This year, try a colon cleanse that promises to remove toxins from the liver and other major organs. When you flush away from the colon, your organs’ aches (withdrawals from alcohol) are minimized. Another benefit of the colon cleanse if the boost to the digestive system. An alternative, and fastest way to detoxify the colon (as natural detoxing may take 3-4 weeks) is colonic irrigation. Positive Results: Increase in energy, healthy living, weight loss, and a better sex drive!

Recommendation: Eat a diet rich in raw veggies and fruit, and, of course, nix the alcohol. Avoid sugars when possible (outside of fruit). Constant hydration is key, as water is the natural flusher.

6) The Gentle Cleanse
For those of you who want the total cleanse, but don’t want the feeling of a total reconstruction of your stomach; start with the gentle cleanse. This cleanse isn’t necessarily for the light-hearted, just a gateway to the serious cleanses. If you can handle the gentle cleanse, you’re encouraged to try another! If you’re reading this, and this sounds like an everyday routine for you- consider yourself a healthy person!

Recommendation: Have a smoothie for breakfast. They are tasty and full of essential nutrients. Smoothies also have the capability to revamp your energy for the morning, as our bodies are constantly metabolizing (even as we sleep!). Reduce the amounts of processed foods you consume (eliminate if you can), and stick to whole wheat and whole grain options. Refined and processed foods have the capability to negate any positive work you have done with your detox, so stay away when possible. Lastly, stick to a meatless diet until dinner. Fresh veggies serve as natural cleansers for the human body (at any time of day), and it’s best to load up for breakfast and lunch, saving your meats at dinner.

7) Ionizing Footbath Cleanse
It seems that renewable energy is all we talk about these days. Interested in a renewable energy in your own body? Hop on in! Try an ionizing footbath and let your feet attract negatively charged ions that create an alkaline reaction. With an acidic build-up in the body, your body’s alkalinity is not able to be at the proportionate level. For this, you can protect your body from toxemia via ionic footbaths. Ions are known to eliminate toxins from the body, and starting from the ground up, your body will be cleansed.

Recommendation: Buy an ionizing footbath and rest at ease. You can cleanse at any time from the comfort of your own home. The key to the success of the footbath is the compounding of the electric current and the water molecules’ continuous flow to create both positive and negative ions. With both of these charges, the toxins are released through the pores on the bottom of your feet.

8)The Airplane Cleanse
Most people consider airplanes to be a dungeon of re-circulated air and a cesspool of cough germs. Next time you cruise the sky, take advantage of this time to detox your body, mind, and soul. The trick is to load up on hydrating foods that will settle and permeate into your body throughout the flight. These nutrient rich foods will do their job to clean out your insides, while you are sitting back, relaxed, and enjoying your flight.

Recommendation: Drink lots of water prior to boarding the plane. Even if you must use the restroom on board, you know you’re hydrating. Avoid the tempting salty snacks that the flight attendants dangle in front of your mouth. Nothing dehydrates more than unnecessary sodium. Replace such snacks with fresh fruits or veggies. When the drink cart rolls by, request a tea or sparkling water. Remember, enjoy the ride!

9) The One day Juice Cleanse
While previously mentioned fasts can take up to days or weeks, this fast is a simple one-dayer. The key is to stick with the fast throughout the day. Natural juices (fresh squeezed, no preservatives!) are the source of many and almost all good nutrients and vitamins. Nothing says fresh like straight from the source, and it is your duty to make sure that you are doing things fresh. Pick out your favorite anti-oxidant rich foods, and blend, blend, blend away! While solid foods are more fun, this juice cleanse will have you feeling great the following days. If you are able to do this cleanse for one day, you will be successful. It is simply simple.

Recommendation: The most delicious fruits are listed below, but feel free to swap out and make substitutions. 2 large oranges, 1 red grapefruit, 6 strawberries, ½ banana. Voila!

10) The Spiritual Cleanse: Rid your Home of Demons!
While the term “cleanse” generally refers to a physical act of removing harmful toxins from the body, sometimes spirituality is just as important. In fact, if you overall aura is not up to par (chi, anyone?), your immune system can diminish. For this, you should always surround yourself with positivity, and where better to be surrounded by peace? Answer: Your Home. Get rid of the negative spirits and demons!

Recommendation: First of all, get rid of any clutter. A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. Yeah, yeah, we get it. Once you clear your home, your mind will be cleared as well. Next, remove anything that reminds you of any bad, scary, or cringe worthy memories. Daily reminders of past disturbances keep these negative spirits fresh in your mind. Lastly, think of your “happy place,” and surround yourself with any and all things related to said place. While it may sound silly, you will be surprised at the positivity reinstated in your life, once you return to that “happy place!”