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Top 25 Blogs for Gluten Free Living

It used to be a struggle for those living with Celiac disease or a gluten intolerance, but with modern information and awareness, it no longer has to be a burden to bear. We’ve compiled a list of the top 25 blogs that offer the tastiest recipes, best information and most helpful product reviews. With the help of these sites, you’ll never have to feel deprived of any of your favorite foods. Learn to travel and dine out with ease, and how to prepare all the foods you love.

1. Gluten-Free Goddess

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Karina Allrich, wife, mother, writer, editor and painter–living a gluten-free life in West Hollywood. After writing a vegetarian cookbook, she fell ill. Her symptoms resembled Celiac. Listening to her body, she gave up gluten. She now writes this blog to share gluten-free recipes and tips with her readers living the same lifestyle. Her work has been seen in Newsweek, Allergic Living and Web MD. Between editing scripts, setting up her new studio and time with her two sons, she visits farmers’ markets and imagines new recipes. From appetizers to desserts and everything in between, find great gluten-free recipes to create in your own home.

2. Elana’s Pantry

From running her first business doing environmental consulting in New York City to writing recipes in Colorado suburbia, life with her husband and two sons has taken a new shape. After her and her son were both diagnosed with Celiac disease, she needed to find a way to make her gluten-free cooking work for the entire family. Her blog is filled with amazing gluten-free recipes that are not only healthy for those living with Celiac disease but also delicious alternatives for people not on restricted diets. Her passion took her from her blog to writing The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook, published by Random House in 2009 and features more than 100 gluten-free recipes.

3. Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef

If you want to read a truly inspiring story of a woman who suffered a lifetime of illnesses before finally finding answers and her own inspiration, Gluten-free Girl and the Chef is a must-read blog. After years of unexplained sickness, fatigue and pain, she finally found the answer she had been searching for–she had Celiac. Overcome with joy to finally understand why her body had been failing her all these years, she turned to food. She became lost in the beauty of food–gluten free–and never looked back. Read her blog to follow her amazing story and find great recipes and recommendations to help you live a fuller, gluten-free life.

4. Simply… Gluten Free

Carol Kicinkski is a professional reciple developer, TV chef, freelance writer and cookbook author. She cooks, writes and travels–and she does it all gluten free. Her food philosophy revolves around enjoying foods that are naturally gluten-free. Since finding out that she was gluten-intolerant, she began the challenge of finding ways to re-invent her favorite foods as well as creating new recipes that are all gluten-free. Her blog’s purpose is to share, teach and inspire others living gluten-free lives. Her goal is to create recipes that are not only “good for gluten-free” but also recipes that are just plain good.

5. Gluten Free Blog

Mike Eberhart writes the Gluten Free Blog, and describes himself like most other gluten-free/Celiac persons–he wants to live a full life without feeling so restricted by dietary conditions. His blog explores ways to find replacements that are just as good or better while maintaining a safe diet. Find great products and recipes and well as information and news about Celiac disease and living gluten free.

6. Simply Sugar and Gluten-Free

Have you ever struggled with your weight? Felt out of place or uncomfortable? So has Amy Green. For years she fought this battle. Yo yo dieting, binge eating and uncontrollable cravings. Finally she realized, after many failed attempts at losing weight and controlling her eating habits, that eating a diet full of sugar and flour was what was causing the ups and downs. When she started eating sugar and gluten-free foods, she lost weight and was able to maintain her new, healthier figure. She’s been able to stop her food cravings, and she keeps her blog to encourage others to do the same. She strives to create healthier foods that are both sugar and gluten-free as well as delicious.

7. Gluten Free Gobsmacked

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Kate Chan spent several years of her life with extreme illnesses, exhaustion, stomach issues and what doctors thought were ulcers before a biopsy revealed that she has Celiac Sprue. She started her blog to connect with family and friends and to share recipes. She hopes that the information and recipes she shares will help someone else in a similar position like the resources she turned to helped her when she first began her gluten-free journey.

8. TriumphDining Gluten-Free Blog

Ross and Kay Cohen started TriumpDining back in 2005 to develop a system to make it easier for people living gluten free to be able to dine out at restaurants. After finding it difficult to find places where Ross could order something gluten-free, his wife had the idea to create cards to teach restaurants how to prepare food this way. After finding success using these cards, their site has since grown and is dedicated to creating guides to assist others on restricted diets when dining out and grocery shopping. Their blog is a great place to find recipes, products and up to date news about the latest in the gluten-free community.

9. Gluten Free Cooking School

This blog is written by Mary Frances. She lives with a wheat allergy, and her husband has Celiac. They keep their house entirely gluten free–while still enjoying homemade pizza every Friday night with their children. On her site, you will find her collection of gluten-free recipes that she’s collected over the past eight years. Learn to cook, live and enjoy being gluten free. This blog also hosts monthly online chats, so you can interact with Mary as well as other readers and gluten-free experts.

10. Jules Gluten Free

Jules Shepard, a Celiac patient-expert, is never one to compromise and was tired of the bland compromises that too many people suffering from Celiac had to settle for. She spent two years perfecting her patent-pending, all-purpose, gluten-free flour that she could substitute into her existing recipes. Jules travels around the country teaching cooking classes and educating people about her approach to living gluten-free. You can also buy her Jules Gluten Free All Purpose Flour to try out in your own kitchen.

11. The Gluten Free Blogger

Living with Celiac disease doesn’t have to be a setback to a life full of enjoyable foods. Follow Sarah’s blog as she strives to educate people about this disease. Find her product reviews, recipes and some of the best gluten-free eateries in the Southwest of England. She uses her blog to share the latest gluten-free news and to investigate issues that Celiac sufferers face on a daily basis.

12. The Gluten Free Chef

The Gluten Free Chef’s story began at a very young age. Since she was only a few months old, she battled with doctors and food and Celiac disease. Bouncing back and forth between a gluten-free and regular diet, her health and weight also fluctuated. She feels that telling her story and running her site are ways for her to share her experience with others going through the same struggle. Find great recipes and share your stories with others living gluten-free lives.

13. Cook it Allergy Free

It’s hard enough worrying about your family eating right, but when you find out that not only does your son have Celiac, but so does your husband, it throws a curveball into your plans. Follow this blog and learn about the author’s journey to becoming educated about valuable nutrional information to be able to cook healthy foods that are not only gluten-free but also taste like normal food. Find great recipes for any type of meal.

14. Baked on the Bright Side

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Rudi’s Gluten-Free Bakery wants to make the world a better place, one loaf at a time. Follow their blog for upcoming gluten-free events, stories from guest bloggers, outreach to the gluten-free community and information about Rudi’s bread and company.

15. Ginger Lemon Girl

Carrie is a gluten-free food writer, recipe creator, home baker and cook. She’s passionate about sharing and eating healthy and nourishing foods. She began creating original gluten-free recipes in 2007 after realizing that gluten was the reason for her migraines and health issues. Read her blog to follow the transition of recipes she has created over the years and learn how you can make these great foods in your own home.

16. Gluten Free For Good

Melissa McLean Jory works in Nutrition Therapy & Exercise Science, specializing in Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance. She’s on a mission to increase awareness of Celiac disease and help people learn about and adapt to the gluten-free lifestyle. Her and her daughter both have Celiac, so she uses her story to educate others how to lead a healthy life while still being able to eat tasty food too!

17. The Crispy Cook

Rachel, The Crispy Cook, started her blog as an experiment in 2007 when she was interested in creating a blog for her used bookstore. Since then, her bookstore blog has lost her primary blogging focus, and she’s shifted her focus over to her kitchen passions. Her husband became a vegetarian before being diagnosed with Celiac a year later. All the recipes on her site are gluten-free, and her goal is to share through her blog their experiences and new cooking style.

18. The Spunky Coconut

Kelly V. Brozyna began studying nutrition in 2004 when her daughters were both very young and not well. Working with her doctor, they changed their diet to remove gluten, casein and sugar. After realizing how this change could resolve some of Kelly and her husband’s health issues, she began researching and experimenting. She now creates foods so similar to normal foods made with wheat, dairy and sugar that she said no one feels deprived. Now she shares their story about how their diet has helped them overcome multiple health issues and shares gluten-free recipes for others to share and create.

19. Gluten Free 363

Follow this blogger as they share their journey of their recent challenge to become gluten free. Their goal is to eat gluten free 363 days out of the year. Struggling to improve, they post entries on research, web sites, challenges, resolutions, reviews and recipes. They hope their readers activiely participate and share their recipes as well. The more information available, the more helpful it can be for others following the same diet. Also find dairy free and vegans posts and recipes as well.

20. Gluten Free Kiwi

This blog is a great place to find gluten free recipes, food, books and product reviews. Learn about gluten allergy symptoms and gluten free events. Their blog is set up well to answer questions regarding gluten free products and foods. Find great gluten free holiday gift ideas, and check out their snack of the day!

21. Gluten Free Travel Blog / GlutenFreeTravelSite

Karen Broussard struggled with the health of her young son, Ryan, until he was diagnosed with Celiac disease. A challenge for most, if not all, living a gluten-free lifestyle is maintaining the diet when dining out and travling. She started this site to give people with Celiac and others on gluten-free diets a way to learn from others’ experiences dining out and traveling around the world. It gives people a place to connect with others worldwide–readers can find personal reviews of places they’d recommend or not recommend. It gives others a good idea about where to dine when traveling. The Gluten Free Travel Blog is a blog for GlutenFreeTravelSite. Check out their main site for more great information.

22. The Gluten Free Insider

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Kinnikinnick Foods Inc. is North America’s premiere dedicated gluten free manufacturer. Find great information about their gluten free products as well as recipes. You’ll also find news and information about expos and conventions, as well as alternative holiday foods.

23. Book of Yum

The Book of Yum blog takes a bold international approach to gluten free living and cooking. The collaborators’ goal is to create delicious, gourmet food that would make any foodie happy, gluten-free or not. Recipes that you’ll find on this site include gluten-free, vegetarian and international. You’ll also find great information about gluten-free stores, restaurants and bakeries from their travels.

24. Gluten Free

The Gluten-free Saratoga blog is based in Saratoga Springs, New York. Suzanne Mangini focuses mainly on the availability of foods, both in grocery stores and in restaurants, in the area. She also posts upcoming announcements for support groups.

25. Gluten Free Philly

If you live in or near the Delaware Valley, this is a great blog for you. The writer of this blog has a 10-year-old son who was diagnosed with Celiac disease at the age of three. Find information about restaurants, bakeries, foods and events in the area.