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Precautions for a Safe Cosmetic Surgery

Gone are the days when cosmetic surgery was only for the rich and famous and something that you had to sweep under the carpet. Today, it’s acceptable and even fashionable to go under the plastic surgeon’s knife. People do it for various reasons – to feel good about themselves, to get rid of some kind of disfigurement, or just to lose weight quickly. Whatever the reason, it’s essential that you undertake basic safety measures because even though it’s cosmetic, the risks are not. So before you consent to change the way you look, here’s what you need to do:
  • Find a qualified surgeon: The most important consideration in cosmetic surgery is not the cost; it’s how skilled your surgeon is. You’re doing this because you want to improve the way you look, and it’s only with a reputable and established surgeon can you ensure that the results are as expected. So even if you have to pay more, choose a surgeon who is licensed and qualified to perform cosmetic surgery and someone who is experienced in the particular surgery that you are interested in.
  • Insist on a safe location: Cosmetic surgery is just like any other surgical procedure in that you will be under the effect of anesthesia and you may suffer blood loss. So just in case anything goes wrong, it’s best to have the surgery performed at a hospital where emergency care is available on a 24×7 basis. If your procedure is scheduled at a private cosmetic surgical practice, ask about medical facilities that are close by and where you could get emergency treatment if necessary.
  • Follow instructions: And finally, it’s extremely important to follow your doctor’s instructions before and after the surgery. You may have to stop smoking and/or go off certain medication (if you’re on prescription drugs). Also, once the procedure is done, you may be in a fair amount of pain, but check with your doctor before you start popping painkillers on your own. It may be a while before you start seeing results, especially in liposuctions and other surgeries done on your face, so you must be patient. You may also have to undergo physiotherapy in some cases, so ask your doctor to provide you with all the information before you sign on the dotted line.
It may be cosmetic, but the risks exist because it’s surgery after all. But if you take the necessary precautions and follow instructions, there’s no need to fear cosmetic surgery.