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Top 49 Vaccine Safety Awareness Blogs and Articles

The anti-vaccination movement has taken off in the past decade. With loose links to autism and other learning disabilities, parents are becoming more aware of the safety of various vaccines that are pushed on children and even teens. The HPV vaccine has caused a major uproar in recent years and these blogs will keep you posted on the major developments in the world of vaccine safety awareness and give you tips on thoroughly researching what’s right for you and your family.

Top Vaccine Blogs

These vaccine blogs cover major news stories and issues people have had with popular vaccines. They shouldn’t scare you into keeping your kids away from doctors, just serve as a source of awareness for you to make an educated decision.


1. Vaccine Ethics This site tracks all of the news stories revolving around vaccines. Recent posts include discussions over conferences to raise vaccine awareness and the fact that the CDC is talking about approving the HPV vaccine for boys.

2. History of Vaccines This blog launched just a couple of months ago and talks about vaccines throughout the course of history, beginning with the first vaccination to prevent smallpox.

3. Vaccine Awakening This fantastic blog tracks all of the vaccine news that’s going on and also discusses how to vaccines are being forced on those in the medical industry, from volunteers to doctors.

4. No Vaccine This site is updated regularly and offers all of the stats you’ll need to help you make an educated decision on getting certain vaccines. It also has articles on the untested H1N1 vaccine.

5. Vaccine Blogs This blogs talks about the history of vaccines and where vaccines are headed all over the world, not just the trends we’re seeing in the United States. It also touches on the links between cancer and toxins found in vaccines.

6. Ask Dr. Sears This blog is aimed at parents and boasts an extensive section over vaccines for your child, which are necessary and which can be left alone until you feel your child is old enough to have it.

7. The Doctor Within This doctor keeps you in-the-loop with vaccine news that may effect your family. It’s a smart blog to read when you want the background information on vaccines presented in an unbiased manner.

8. Age of Autism This amazing blog is penned by a woman who’s mom to three girls with autism. It explains the developments made in the world of vaccines and the links between autism and vaccines given to kids at too early of an age.

9. NJ Vaccination Choice This is the official site and blog for the New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice, which is pushing for a ballot on freedom when it comes to choosing what is injected into your child’s body and at what age.

10. Huffington Post – Arthur Allen Though Allen no longer writes for this site, his archived posts on vaccine analysis are a must-read for those who are questioning how many vaccines their child must endure within a few short weeks.

11. Since Blogs – Medicine This site is all science, all of the time, but the medicine category of the site gives you plenty of vaccine information and keeps you posted on news stories from around the world.

12. Scepticon This site is all about facts, so you’ll never read a mushy post from a mom who is making a blog post her public platform. Instead, you’ll get facts that can arm you for a discussion with your doctor on what your child needs in terms of vaccines.

13. The Vaccine Page Get constant updates for this site, which covers all vaccine information on the web. It talks tests and trials for particular vaccines and gives parents the skinny on what to expect when approached with a checklist for vaccines.

14. Vaccines While this site has a homeopathic agenda, it does provide plenty of solid arguments and medical data for the links between autism and other learning disabilities.

15. Huffington Post – Jay Gordon This blog goes into the links between autism and toxins in vaccines. It also dissects articles published in mainstream newspapers that often contain little or no facts regarding vaccines, but usually push a particular agenda.

Top HPV Vaccine Blogs and Articles

The HPV blogs are among the chattiest in recent years. The controversy of whether the HPV vaccine is worth administering to young girls is a major debate between doctors, schools and parents.

16. KKRA Snow Waterman – HPV Vaccine Fainting Seizures and Other Side Effects This article was updated regularly throughout the course of 2007 and 2008 with news on the HPV vaccine. The comments section serves as interesting research for the experiences had by young women who were given the vaccine alone or with other vaccinations.

17. NPR – Boys to Men Unequal Treatment on HPV The medical community is adamant about giving the HPV vaccine to young women, but what about young men? The vaccine has been approved for young men, but isn’t given out like candy for any teen who waltzes into a doctor’s office.

18. Time – Saying Yes to the HPV Vaccine This article talks about one mom’s push to get her daughters to get the HPV vaccine without broaching the heavy subject of sex. It’s not an easy conversation, but necessary so your daughter is aware of what’s going in her body and for what reason.

19. HPV Health This blog answers nearly all of your questions about the HPV vaccine. It talks to young women about whether they need the shot if they’re not sexually active and how to prevent HPV with other tactics outside of the shot.

20. Dr. Clark – HPV Vaccine Damage is the New Autism This article was penned by a doctor and urges parents to refrain from giving the HPV vaccine to their daughters. It talks about the extreme cases where HPV wreaked havoc on the bodies of young girls.

21. Scientific American – FDA Panel Approves Gardasil HPV This article explores the idea of giving the HPV vaccine to males. Once you see the numbers Gardasil is bringing in, you can make a decision on whether this vaccine is a money ploy or for the real protection of our society’s health.

22. Mayo Clinic – Sexual Health Nurse practitioner Lois McGuire answers all of your sexual health questions and goes into depth over the HPV vaccine. This is a must-read for women in college and their 20’s who are making their own decision about getting (or passing on) the vaccine.

23. Well Woman Blog – Quadrivalent HPV Vaccine for Women Aged 24 to 45 While this blog isn’t anti-vaccines, check out this post and see how it reads like a press release or advertisement for a product, versus a vital necessity to protect one’s health.

24. Defender Network – Snubbing the HPV Vaccine Giving the HPV vaccine may be OK for women, but studies show that these same women are often the ones skipping their pap smears. Learn how to protect yourself with tips from this article.

25. Health Care Shopper – Public Outcry Against HPV Vaccine In some areas, the HPV vaccine is causing a ruckus, but it’s not because folks are fearful of the toxins being administered; they just don’t want young girls having sex (or any sexual contact whatsoever).

26. WSJ – How Effective is Merck’s HPV Vaccine? The medical community pushes girls to get vaccinated, but is it really making a difference in protecting their bodies from the virus? Get a rundown of the studies done with this WSJ article.

27. Global Toad – The Hidden Dangers of the HPV Vaccine This article outlines the dangers of the HPV vaccine, as recorded by the FDA. The comments section makes for great opinions from women and girls who are opposed or for the vaccine and talk about their experience with the series of shots.

28. Fems Across the Pond – HPV Vaccine Big Pharmacy Sucks How do Americans and their umpteenth vaccines look from the other side of the pond? Mighty silly. Read as this UK-er sounds off on the glossy presentation of the HPV vaccine and how it mimics a fancy new product as opposed to a medical need.

29. Information is Beautiful – How Safe is the HPV Vaccine This blog post has a visual aide for those who need a more in-depth explanation of how HPV is helping their body. It also gives you the scoop on statistical facts in terms of preventing cervical cancer and HPV strains that result in genital warts.

30. NPR – Most Who Start with HPV Vaccine Don’t Finish It This should come as a surprise to no one, but studies show that nearly three years later, young women aren’t doing the entire run of HPV shots, which makes starting the program pointless. Is it because young women are becoming more aware of the vicious side effects?

Top Flu Vaccine Blogs and Articles

Catching the flu used to be something everyone dealt with nearly every winter. Nowadays, there’s a shot for that and it prevents you from catching the flu. For some, the flu just runs through their body like a regular virus, but for others the results can be fatal, which is why the flu shot was developed and is primarily administered to children and the elderly.

31. Pharmacy Owners – Marketing the Flu Shot If you think the flu shot is a preventative measure, read this article showing pharmacists how to hawk flu shots like they’re the latest fad. It’s tactics like this that make the public so weary of”official” sources when it comes to our health.

32. Consumer Reports: Health – Flu Shot Fears The controversy over the flu shot is rampant enough that 1/3 of the public is opting out. Is this because we’re more aware of the facts or simply listen to the scary news about the flu shot the media portrays?

33. Triage – Flu Shot Safety This blog post shows you how to proceed if you have a major reaction to the flu shot. While it provides plenty of reasons why you should get one, it goes on to give you the scoop on the side effects that can damage your health if you choose to go through with the flu shot. How’s that for comfort?

34. Whale – Vaccines/Flu This site is great for learning about all vaccines, but the flu shot has an extensive section for learning the pros and cons of the shot. The information was put together by a legit doctor and talks about the fear tactic that the media and government use to scare the public into lining up for the shot.

35. Vaccination Risk Awareness Network – Effectiveness of Flu Shot Sometimes having flu-like symptoms doesn’t mean you have the flu, it means you have some other sort of illness. In a study conducted in 2004 through 2005, it was concluded that the flu shot doesn’t prevent those who will have other illnesses ward off the disease, which accounts for a vast percentage of the”flu” people have.

36. Moms Against Mercury This is a must-read blog for those looking to learn about the ugly side of vaccines. The information on flu shots at this blog is startling, including the part that talks about the government targeting elderly people for the shot.

37. Web MD – Learn About Flu Shots Web MD is the site many turn to when met with a medical conundrum. This article breaks downs the flu shot and what side effects occur to some people who take it. It is always wise to know the side effects up front, so you know what bad reactions to look for post-shot.

38. Advanced Health Plan – Flu Shots This blog tells you why flu shots should be avoided at all costs. It talks about natural, preventative measures you can take to strengthen your immune system and lower your risk of catching the flu.

39. eHow – Dangers of the Flu Shot Learn why the flu shot isn’t as necessary as you may think. For one thing, the effectiveness of flu shots cannot be measured because of the various strains that strike each flu season.

Discussion Boards and Forums on Vaccination and Immunization Awareness

These messageboards and forums will teach you what to be on alert for when checking the various vaccines and immunization shots administered to your child.

40. iVillage – Vaccination Debate Parents at this messageboard aren’t afraid to sound off on claims from the government and medical community that seem to push an agenda.

41. HealthBoards – Vaccination & Immunization If you’re looking for simple answers like why some vaccinations have been deemed bad by certain groups, this is the blog for you. There are countless threads on the subject and has stories from those who’ve had a vaccine go wrong.

42. Mothering – Vaccinations This parenting forum has forums for both sides of the coin – those who are pro-vaccines and those who are delaying vaccines or not giving them to their kids at all. Weigh in on the debate or just read and learn.

43. MedHelp – Immunization and Vaccines At this forum, parents discuss nearly every vaccine (and it’s a lot) that’s administered to kids before they hit pre-school. There are also threads created by those who’ve had side effect from flu shots and HPV vaccine.

44. Vaccine A This site discusses the homeopathic side to vaccinating your body and the drastic side effects that happen when going through with conventional vaccines.

45. Parenthood – Forums This site has a large array of forums with a few focusing on vaccinations and immunization shots for little ones. It discusses the debate of delaying vaccines so there’s no excessive buildup of toxins in a child.

46. Global Healing Center – Vaccine Exemption Forms This site doesn’t have tons of chatter over what to do with your baby, but it does have the necessary vaccine exemption forms for nearly every country where they’re required. Check it out before your next doctor’s visit if you’re choosing to opt out.

47. HealthBoards – Autism This site goes into depth with extensive threads and posts dating back to the mid-‘90s with studies that show links between autism and vaccines.

48. What to Expect – MMR Vaccines This mommy messageboard has plenty of info over immunization shots, but this thread over the controversial MMR vaccine is an essential read for any parent with a newborn.

49. BabyCenter – None, Selected, Delayed Vaccinations Here parents can support each other in decided to go with no vaccines or a delayed schedule for their children. It also has threads from parents with the reasons why they’re choosing to wait on immunization.

There’s no reason to be fearful of getting sick. It’s a natural part of life and some illnesses, like the flu, have been around for centuries. Be aware of what goes into your body and that of your children before you nod and agree to a fishy vaccine that has been approved without any serious medical data to back it up.