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15 Foolproof Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Celebrating the holiday of the new year dates all the way back to Julius Caesar. The Romans would often exchange gifts commemorating the passing of an old year and the beginning of a new one. With more modern traditions involving champagne and the drop of a giant disco ball, resolving to make improvements in the coming year is nothing new.

However, in a generation of smart phones and a world wide web, keeping a new year’s resolution is now easier and more foolproof than ever. No matter if you’re looking to lose a few pounds, earn a few dollars, or gain a new perspective, New Year’s resolutions are often called upon to do so. To keep you in the loop of your own desires and from a broken promise by Martin Luther King Day, we have gathered 15 foolproof ways to actually keep your New Year’s resolution.

Foolproof General Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Use the below to help derive and keep a New Year’s resolution.

    1. Pebbles and Pundits
    The experts at The Marist Poll also do one for New Year’s resolutions. According to them, almost half of all Americans (48%) plan to make a New Year’s resolution. Of these, 65% say they keep the resolution throughout the year, while the rest do not. The most popular resolution? Weight loss remains the top spot with 19% planning to shed the pounds in the New Year.


    2. 43 Things This site is a popular choice for people who are trying new things. People from across the world come here to learn something new, get encouragement, and even see if it is worth doing. With a special section for New Year’s resolutions, you can simply type in yours to get connected to others who are doing the same. You can also search for things by category or by typing it in the search engine.

    3. Expert Advice on Maintaining Resolutions
    Experts from the University of Maryland weigh in on time tested tips to help prepare for success. This involves choosing and setting realistic goals and outlining steps. Other useful tips include avoiding perfectionism, preparing for setbacks, and giving resolutions meaning. There are also other guides to New Year’s resolutions on the site.
    4. Remember the Milk
    Because a New Year’s resolution doesn’t just happen, it must be scheduled, there is this site. Use this online and foolproof way to schedule and keep up with whatever your resolution is. You can send reminders as text messages, emails, or IM reminders. Other bonus features include a mobile app and the ability to sync with Google Calendar.

    5. Tada Lists
    If the above is too complex, you can also utilize this simple online task manager. One of “USA Today’s” hot sites, over 4 million lists have been created. You can also create several lists, share them, and even on use it on your iPhone.

    6. Zen Habits
    No matter what your goals are, accomplish them the Zen way with the help of this blog. Leo Babauta and others are about finding the simplicity in the daily chaos of life. Clearing out clutter, motivation, health, spirituality, and more are all shared as well as practical tips. They recently posted their top blog entries for the year and include “A Guide to Barefoot Running,” “Simplified Morning Routine,” and “Procrastination Remedies.”

    7. Healthy Children
    If looking to involve your kids as part of your New Year’s resolutions, visit here. The site is run by the American Academy of Pediatrics. They have tips for nutrition and fitness for just about every stage of childhood. You can also read items on healthy living, safety, family life, and other health issues.

    8. Stepcase Lifehack
    The popular blog has become a staple of those looking for easier ways to get things done. With a special section for productivity, they have entries for everything from getting promoted at work to keeping a New Year’s resolution. Other options include communication, lifestyle, money, technology, and management.

Foolproof Specific Ways to Actually Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Below are some of the most common and top choices for New Year’s resolutions as well as foolproof ways for keeping them.

    9. Spark People
    Whether looking to lose weight or get in shape, this site is where people from across the globe visit. With over 15 billion calories burned and counted, there are many reasons to sign up for a free membership. Recipes, workouts, blogs, and even a Healthy Living Challenge are all available with a simple visit. You can even use their special savings for members, as well as memberships just for teens or expecting moms.


    10. Healthy Eating
    Because diet is an important part of getting fit or losing weight, click here. The Food Network literally has millions of recipes to choose from and offers this special section on healthy eating. Current popular entries include guilt free cocktail party and 50 lighter comfort foods. You can also use the Quick Recipe Finder to find a meal by time, ingredients, prep time, and from your favorite chef.

    11. Quit Smoking
    If your New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking, chances are this isn’t your first time making it. With this free resource from, you can use the step by step guide to help you quit. There are also experts and tools that can aid in your quest. There is even the option to find a research study in your area.

    12. Get Organized
    If you have a messy desk or a garage that’s full but the cars are on the driveway, this may be your New Year’s resolution. A foolproof way to keep it is to visit a blog like Organized Home. Posts are categorized into cleaning, cutting clutter, loads of stuff for the kitchen, and much more. They even recently wrote about how to organize for the holidays.

    13. Get Rich Slowly
    Those looking to get out of debt or grow their wealth also make the list of New Year’s resolutions. This blog specializes in finances for the everyday person. Their post on getting out of debt alone has been read and utilized by many readers. There are also tips for savings accounts, CD rates, credit cards, and even insurance. They even have a Bank Rates Center with the latest in interest rates and more.

    14. Volunteer
    If looking to give to charity as a New Year’s resolution but light on the checkbook, why not volunteer your time? This site has a search engine that can help you match by local, skill level, and even interest. You can also read the stories of others who have used the site to volunteer. Twenty five percent of people who use the site are first time volunteers.

    15. Pray
    No matter what your faith is, there are loads for you at With every faith from Buddhism to Taoism, there are many prayers to be found. The site also offers a community with blogs and videos to help even more. Other sections include inspiration, health, holistic living, family, and even a daily deal.

No matter what your goal is, there are loads of help in the above 15 foolproof ways to actually keep your New Year’s resolution. With everything from shedding pounds to growing wealth at stake, they are a must read. To get inspired for a New Year’s resolution like never before, try checking out the Wishing Wall in New York City. Many visitors have come by to place their wish in the form of a Post-it and you can view pictures of items such as travel, graduate, and even in foreign languages.