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Who Needs Wheat Anyways? The Top 50 Celiac Blogs

Celiac disease, also known as Celiac sprue or Coeliac disease, is an autoimmune disorder of the digestive system. Suspected to be in one out of every 133 Americans, this disease is basically an allergy to wheat. With wheat found in every product from bread to desserts, a diagnosis of Celiac disease can leave the patient confused and in for a huge lifestyle change.

Although Celiac disease can run in families, many who are diagnosed can have no family or friends to turn to after a diagnosis. However, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of sites and blogs to be found on the internet. Many of these are written by people who have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, have a family member who is, or are just experts in the area. To help those who are newly diagnosed or have years of experience, we have collected the top 50 Celiac blogs below.

Top Celiac Blogs by a Celiac

Read about Celiac disease from those who have had it in these blogs.

    1. Celiac Chicks Kelly Courson has been sharing her gluten free story since 2003 on her blog. For 14 years, she has been a Celiac and has loads of tips to share. New finds, old hints, recipes, products, and much more are all shared.

    2. About Celiac Since late 2003, Jane has been coping with celiac disease and the gluten-free diet. A professional medical writer, she now helps other celiac disease patients learn how to eat gluten-free and get healthy. Must reads on her blog include Celiac symptoms, eating gluten free, and Dermatitis Herpetiformis.

    3. Celiac Teen Lauren is a 17 year old high school student with Celiac disease and a few others. She loves to create gluten free food of her own as well. Check out her blog for daily life, updates, thoughts, and more.

    4. Celiac in the City This blogger lives in Milwaukee and was diagnosed in 2008. With the help of friends and family, she started a gluten free diet and lifestyle. Her blog has everything from items in the news to the lifestyle to an eating guide for the city.

    5. Since 1995 this blog and site has been providing information on the disease. Categories include a safe foods list, diagnosis, treatment, and more. You can even join the blog as an author.

    6. Celiac Disease Foundation The goal of the foundation is to raise awareness of Celiac disease. You can visit to get the latest information on their events. Topics also include diet and lifestyle, resources, and even a special section for kids.

    7. Celiac Family Resources, recipes, and random thoughts on living gluten free are found on this blog. A recipe index and tips for eating out are also shared. There is even a gluten free candy list for kids who need it.

    8. Celiac Facts Information to support gluten free health and lifestyle are shared here. You can sign up for their free weekly newsletter or check out topics from business to travel. One of the latest posts was on a new gluten free study.

Top Celiac News Blogs

Learn the latest about Celiac disease from these blogs.

    9. Celiac Disease Celiac news and gluten free diet resources are shared here. Choose from topics such as support groups, medical news, books, and more. The blog is also regularly updated with news and opinions.

    10. Celiac Disease Health Center This is the news feed and center for Celiac disease from WebMD. The latest headlines and discussions from the health community are included. Hot topics currently include the signs and symptoms of Celiac disease as well as watchful waiting.

    11. U.S. Institutes of Health Learn about the latest clinical trials on Celiac disease here. A list of studies is published, along with its status. You can also look up clinical trials for other diseases.

    12. Celiac Disease Center This research center is part of The University of Chicago. Choose from a Celiac Disease 101 section, tips for living with it, or research and education. They also feature the latest news.

    13. Celiac Disease Learn all about Celiac disease from the experts at the Mayo Clinic. Items here include a definition, symptoms, and even risk factors for the disease. You can also learn more about drugs, treatments, and lifestyle remedies.

    14. Celiac Disease Click here for the news and a guide from the U.S. National Library of Medicine. It is a virtual encyclopedia of information. There are also many related topics to choose from.

    15. Celiac Disease Need a few questions answered on the disease? The National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse is your site. Simple questions and answers on Celiac disease and many others are offered.

Top Gluten Free Blogs

These Celiac sufferers discuss how to live a gluten free life.

    16. Gluten Free: The Celiac Site This newsletter is published every Thursday and contains excerpts from articles with information not typically found through using regular internet channels. Choose from topics such as gluten free restaurants, weight loss, and budgetary concerns for gluten free people. There is even a super market list offered.

    17. Gluten Free Steve After being diagnosed, Steve scoured the internet for information but found none. He then began his blog as a quest to inform himself, as well as others. In addition to regular thoughts, Steve also offers tips for newbies and rants.

    18. Gluten Free Blog The goal of this blog is to help others achieve satisfaction in a gluten free diet and lifestyle. Recipes, topics, and medical news all make up blog enties. A recent post was on how to drink the gluten free way.

    19. Adventures of a Gluten Free Mommy Heidi underwent many physical problems and diagnosis before discovering she had Celiac disease. After her eldest son was also diagnosed with it, she became the gluten free mommy. Tips for living with the disease in the family, recipes, and recommended readings are all worth a look.

    20. Gluten Free Diva Think the part of your life where you enjoyed brownies is over? Then check out the diva for ways to be gluten free the easy way. In addition to recipes, you can get pantry tips and videos.

    21. Gluten Free Fun Erin is from New York with over 29 years of Celiac disease experience. She shows her readers how to make gluten free fun. Tips include food, restaurants, recipes, and more.

    22. Some Foods are not my Friends Also from New York, Lynn is a writer who discovered late in life that she couldn’t eat everything she wanted to. She now eats carefully and reports via blog on what she finds. Honey Nut Chex was the latest.

    23. Gluten Free Gobsmacked The blogger uses the title to express how she felt after being diagnosed with Celiac disease. She then resolved to bake, cook, and enjoy life. Check out her blog to see how.

    24. A Gluten Free Guide

    Finally, if the above don’t contain enough gluten free fun, stop here. This blogger gives an A to Z guide on going gluten free. Choose from essential readings or simply read the latest post.

Top Celiac Cooking Blogs

A gluten free diet doesn’t have to be a punishment with the help of these blogs.

    25. Gluten Free Goddess Karina is a top chef and has loads of tips for everyone from the beginner to the expert in gluten free cooking. Get tips for how to go gluten free, an ABC guide, and even recipes for those who are also vegans. A recent entry was on the Mediterranean Diet.

    26. Ginger Lemon Girl Visit here for a blog that is both guilt and gluten free. Carrie loves to bake from a Celiac disease perspective. She recently recounted her top recipes of the year that include casserole, honey oat bread, and gluten free popovers.

    27. Gluten Free Girl and the Chef A professional chef and a Celiac disease sufferer combine on this blog. Stories of food, love, and more are all shared. Life with kids is also shared.

    28. Gluten Free Cooking School You don’t have to leave home to attend this cooking program. Simply click here to get lessons and recipes for gluten free cooks at all levels. You can even get online events and lessons.

    29. Life, Gluten Free This blogger is Celiac positive, as well as her husband and daughter. With three mouths to feed, the blog stands out for keeping the family in mind. Daily life also makes its way into posts.

    30. Taylor’s Table Visit here for “gourmet recipes liberating the gluten-free and dairy-free epicurial soul.” Taylor includes pantry selection and even local recommendations. You can also select recipes from appetizers to vegetables on the blog.

    31. La Tartine Gourmande This blog is often a top choice from many different ranking systems. With a special section for the gluten free, you can choose from custards, light cooking, and much more. They also have loads of other special categories to pick from.

    32. Creative Cooking Go outside the box of gluten free cooking on this blog. Recent entries are on chicken pot pie, a recreation from P.F. Chang’s, and even tips for weekly menu planning. They also link to giveaways.

    33. Delightfully Gluten Free In addition to recipes, you can also get information on many Celiac disease myths here. Other sections include tips for newcomers and recipes galore. News on the gluten free lifestyle are also shared.

    34. Gluten Free Recipes Just need a gluten free recipes without all the blogging? Then check out Allrecipes. They have thousands of user sent in recipes for every gluten free food imaginable such as desserts, bread, pizza, and more.

Top Other Celiac Blogs

These blogs are about Celiac disease or living gluten free and at least one other related topic.

    35. The Gluten Free Doctor Get both gluten free information and an expert opinion on this blog. Dr. Stephen Wangen is a licensed physician specializing in digestive disorders. Also diagnosed with Celiac disease, he often discusses medical issues in the news.

    36. The Good Eatah This blogger focuses on both going gluten and casein free. Liz is both Celiac positive and lactose intolerant but doesn’t let that stop her from eating well. Desserts that are friendly to her condition were the topic of a recent post.

    37. Gluten Free in Georgia Ginger is living both a gluten free and sugar free diet in her blog. She also adds a Southern flair to her blog. A year end round up and Mea Culpa was discussed in a recent entry.

    38. Beve Kindblade Stop here for the blog of a professional nutritionist. She has over 19 years of experience in making food into medicine. Blog topics are on everything from reading food labels to supplements.

    39. Cybele Pascal No matter what your food allergy, this blog has something for you. Choose every recipe category from breads to pies on the blog. Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, and more are all shared.

    40. Please Don’t Pass the Nuts Sloane Miller is an author and licensed psychotherapeutic social worker. Her specialty is coaching the allergenic community on their diets. She often reviews products – such as a goat milk soup for the most recent – and shares her opinion.

    41. Food Allergy Mama This mother of four is from suburban Chicago. One of her children has a severe dairy, egg, peanut, tree nut, and legume allergy. She now specializes in cooking, reading labels, and sharing more on what an allergy can mean for the family.

    42. Allergy Foodie What are the top eight food allergies? Find out through the blog, but more importantly, it includes tips on how to live with each. Gluten free is just one of them.

    43. Yummy Allergen Free The Food Allergy Mom’s list of what not to use adds up when she counts up all her family members. They include wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, dairy, eggs, and tons of meat, as well as others. See how she can still make tasty treats with a read.

    44. Allergy Sense A standout feature of this blog is the ability to sort entries by food allergy. They include dairy free, egg free, peanut free, tree nut free, and of course, gluten free. You can also choose recipes by type.

Top Celiac Blog Networks

Use the below to meet others who have Celiac disease, start a blog, and more.

    45. Celiac Disease and Gluten Free Forum Visit here for a forum that is part of You can check out items on coping with the disease and choosing doctors. There are also loads of other topics to choose from.

    46. The Sensible Celiac Get hundreds of posts for first time visitors alone on this site. Subjects include diagnosis, treatment, food, and even places to shop. Be sure not to miss out on the tips for dining in restaurants.

    47. Gluten Free These forums are a resource for those living a gluten and wheat free lifestyle. A special section for those not yet diagnosed is a standout feature. There are also tons of other threads for those with Celiac disease.

    48. The Celiac Disease Community This online community is part of Revolution Health. Popular current groups include a Crohn’s and Colitis club. There are also forum posts and blog entries from experts.

    49. Celiac Disease Forum Get questions from both doctors and patients on these forums. They are part of eHealth and even have the option to send in a question for a doctor. The special section for Celiac disease includes discussions on treatments, side effects, medications, and more.

    50. Chowhound No matter what your dietary needs are, there are resources on Chowhound. They gather food lovers worldwide to share and rank recipes. You can also get loads of other eating and food tips on the site.

Whether newly diagnosed, suspect that you may have a gluten allergy, or have been living with the condition for years, there is loads to find on the above top 50 Celiac blogs. If unsure of which foods have wheat or gluten in them, check out this guide to get a list of ingredients that can be harmful to those with Celiac disease. Make sure to consult your physician before following any of the advice you read or before self-medicating.